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TDI-Tuning Agricultural Services

Agriculture is one of the most advanced and continually evolving global industries. Embracing new technologies to maximise productivity and minimise operating costs are both crucial to remaining competitive. TDI Tuning agricultural tuning boxes utilise the latest technology to improve the performance, productivity and economy of agricultural machines quickly, effectively and reliably, leading to impressive fuel savings.

Why Tune An Agricultural Vehicle?

Increase The Power Of Your Machinery

Manufacturers sell their vehicles with untapped power locked in their Engine Control Units (ECUs). This is for a variety of reasons, including accommodating differences in global fuel grades and adhering to region specific emission regulations.

Simple Installation, No Modifications

Systems are installed between your existing ECU and engine sensors and are supplied with fully customised software for your exact engine power and torque variant, this method is used for ultimate reliability, performance and safe operation. The software has 7 pre-programmed engine map options allowing our products to be easily switched between economy and performance modes.

Release Engine Power

The manufacturer’s restrictions are simply a barrier that we can remove to unlock full potential without reducing reliability. Torque and power gains of up to 40% can be achieved along with economy savings up to 20%.

ECU, DPF & Engine Safe

All our tuning box systems are designed so that the ECU’s safety functions remain fully enabled at all times in order to maintain constant protection for the engine components, preventing fuel or boost pressures from ever reaching unsafe levels.

Why Tune An Agricultural Vehicle?

Make Substantial Savings On Costs

According to Nix 2015, typical daily fuel costs for lighter activities such as fertiliser application, spraying and road towing can cost between £300 - £500 per day. Heavier activities such as ploughing can incur fuel costs of around £1000 per day!

With such high fuel costs, even a small percentage saving on annual fuel usage can make a big difference to the final net profit per hectare figure. On a typical 500 ha farm a 10% reduction can amount to an annual fuel saving of £3750!

Savings Graph

Economy & Productivity

Increase The Power Of Your Machinery

The TDI Tuning agricultural tuning box works by increasing the power and torque of modern diesel engines as well as improving the delivery of power. These improvements to vehicle operation will help you make lighter work of heavy field activities such as ploughing, cultivating and drilling.

The improvements will be just as noticeable with lighter work such as fertiliser application, spraying or road transport operations. Increased and more even torque delivery will enable you to carry out any work in higher, more fuel-efficient gears, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

Ecomony and Productivity

Product Trialing

Trial Performance At No Risk

TDI Tuning can offer farm managers a tuning box with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the fuel savings made by our product within this time, we will happily refund your purchase. Our TDI Tuning agricultural tuning boxes are quick and straightforward to remove leaving no permanent changes to the engine or physical evidence of having been installed.

If you would like to purchase further units after your trial, we can offer a discounted agricultural fleet rate based on the number of units you require. All our tuning products come with a 3-year comprehensive warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.