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Vehicle Performance Tuning

The modern TDI engine offers drivers an unrivalled mixture of drivability and economy, having evolved massively over the past 2 decades. However, installing a TDI Tuning, tuning box can improve the driveability, power and economy of your TDI engine, delivering impressive results in all areas.

Why Tune My Vehicle?

Improve Performance with Power & Torque Increases

Improve Performance With Power & Torque Increases

Our tuning box systems work by releasing the power and torque that an engine is already capable of producing but has been electronically restricted from doing so by the vehicle manufacturer. With one of our products you can experience power and torque improvements of up to 40%, as well as economy gains of up to 20%.

100% Compatible With Thousands of Engine Variants

100% Compatible With Thousands Of Engine Variants

All our tuning box systems are designed so that the ECU’s safety functions remain fully enabled at all times in order to maintain constant protection for the engine components, preventing fuel or boost pressures from ever reaching unsafe levels.

Remapped Power & Torque Delivery Increases Responsiveness

Remapped Power & Torque Delivery Increases Responsiveness

Our tuning boxes work to improve the delivery of power irrespective of selected gear. The additional torque allows you to pull away more easily and greatly assists when towing or carrying additional weight in your vehicle. Increasing torque in large, heavier vehicles can also drastically improve the overall drive experience leading to less driver fatigue and greater road safety.

Increased Performance As Well As Improved Economy

Increased Performance As Well As Improved Economy

A TDI Tuning engine tuning box delivers impressive fuel economy savings of up to 4-6 mpg. The tuning box increases the power and torque as well as improve the delivery of power across the gear ranges. This results in a vehicle that is far smoother and easier to drive enabling the driver to make good progress while driving in a more refined manner leading to improved fuel economy.

What Makes TDI Tuning Products Unique?

  • Completely traceless once removed
  • Reprogrammable for future use on other vehicles
  • Fully customised vehicle map software
  • Easy 10 minute installation
  • Free installation option
  • 7 programs (Max Economy – Max Performance)
  • ‘Try before you buy’ option
  • Better throttle response
  • Less acceleration flat spots and turbo lag
  • Can be easily and quickly removed
  • Makes no changes to the ECU
  • A global network of approved TDI Tuning installers & dealers

See What A TDI-Tuning System Can Do

For those not sure on as to whether our range of tuning box products may be the best option for their vehicle we offer the opportunity to trial our products prior to purchase, whether via mail order and self-install or fitting at our head office.

For head office fitting, installation takes only 10 minutes and we’ll then take you on a 20 minute test drive, allowing you to see the difference in available power and the overall improvement in performance and drive responsiveness. You then have the option to purchase the system or to have it uninstalled and drive away at absolutely no cost.

If interested to purchase via mail order, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee which allows you to self-install a TDI-Tuning engine tuning system (typically taking only 10 minutes) and trial the performance gains for several days before choosing whether to keep or return the system.