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Audi A3 1.4TFSI Performance Increase

Wayne Torques

Audi A3 Case Study

Here at TDI-Tuning is it imperative that our customers are 100% happy, we recently decided to make the journey to Deal, Kent. We met up with Wayne who owns an Audi A3 1.4 TFSI. Wayne was looking for a way to improve his cars performance, but he didn’t want to compromise on his economy figures at the same time.

The Audi A3 in question has a very good economy feature to help increase figures. COD (Cylinder on demand) can shut down its second and third cylinders, leaving one and two to run freely. We needed to ensure that when these two cylinders shut down, our tuning box would still function and operate as normal, and when Wayne puts his foot back down our custom map could realise what was happening, delivering the correct power output using the microprocessors in the tuning box.

Wayne was delighted with the performance gains that he managed to achieve by a simple TDI-Tuning box install. He also commented that his cylinder deactivation functioned just as seamlessly as it did before the box was installed. In his words it felt as if the car had its caffeine boost that it needed.

Performance Figures After Tuning:

Power Increase:
Torque Increase:
Fuel Efficiency Increase: Up To 20%

Power gains based on CRTD4 Multi Channel Tuning Box

With the CRTD4 Mutli Channel tuning system installed we were able to increase the power of this A3 TFSI from 148HP to 185HP