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Can I Swap This System To Another Vehicle?

Our Tuning Boxes can often be used on other vehicles but it is almost always the case that the Tuning Box will need to be re-programmed with new engine specific software and for the correct engine variant, this is to ensure safe operation and maximum power gains. Also, you will likely need a new connection harness for the new engine type. The harness and re-program service is available as one package purchase from our website.

Can I Use My Product On A Petrol Vehicle?

Our CRTD2 range of products can be used on both Diesel and Petrol turbo vehicles but will require a reprogram to be used on the new vehicle. This service can be purchased from our website and typically has a 48 hour turnaround. Our older product ranges cannot be interchanged with Petrol vehicles.

What Is The Cost Of The Reprogram Service?

For older model products, the reprogram cost is typically £79.99. For our CRTD2 Diesel range of products there are two options, Single & TWIN channel reprograms priced £69.99 & £109.99 respectively. For a CRTD2 Petrol Multi-Channel reprogram the price is £109.99.

How Long Does It Take To Reprogram?

Reprogramming typically takes no more than 48 hours, this is required for testing the system hardware, reprogramming the device for the new vehicle and preparation for dispatch.

How Do I Start The Reprogramming Process?

You can purchase the relevant reprogram service for your device from our website, we will then send you a reprogramming returns form and issue you a ticket number to include with the package. Alternatively you can call us and we will help you through the process live on the phone.

Can I Reprogram The Tuning Box More Than Once?

Yes. A TDI-Tuning Tuning Box can be reprogrammed multiple times, coming as standard with a 3 year warranty. Our products are compatible with over 95% of modern vehicles but in rare cases the new vehicle may not be suitable, please contact us prior to purchasing any new vehicle to confirm product compatibility.

Will The Performance Gains Be The Same On The New Vehicle?

Performance gains vary between different engine types but rest assured our products produce the maximum possible gains from every engine whilst maintaining maximum compatibility and safer operation with the engine.

Will My Warranty Be Extended When The Product Is Reprogrammed?

All our products come with an initial 3 year warranty as standard which can be increased to 5 years at the time of purchase. Unfortunately this is not extended further at the time of a reprogram.

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