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Improve Your Driving Experience

For Motorhome owners and those engaging in high torque activities, such as towing caravans, trailers or horseboxes, a vehicle’s torque delivery is crucial to ensure safe, comfortable driving. When making a journey, often various types of roads are encountered, from winding hills to long stretches of busy motorway. A sluggish, underperforming Motorhome or tow vehicle can result in an uncomfortable and unsafe driving experience.

Why Tune A Motorhome?

Release Hidden Power To Improve Responsiveness

With a TDI Tuning diesel tuning box we can significantly improve the driving responsiveness of any motorhome. Our tuning box systems work by releasing power and torque that an engine is already capable of producing but has been electronically restricted from doing so by the vehicle manufacturer. Power and torque can be boosted by up to 40%, economy by up to 20%, transforming your vehicle’s performance and the overall drive experience under all conditions.

Designed To Be Easily Self-Installed

Installation is easy! Systems are installed between your Motorhome ECU and engine sensors via a simple harness switch-out and, for ultimate reliability and performance, are pre-installed with fully customised software for your exact engine power and torque variant. This software has 7 pre-programmed engine map options allowing our products to be easily interchanged between economy and maximum performance modes for driving style flexibility.

Improve The Economy Of Your Motorhome

On top of this, the greatly improved driving experience can bring with it economy improvements of up to 20%, making long distance journeys more economically viable, leaving you watching the scenery rather than your fuel gauge.

Vehicle Specs
7m Long
2.3m Wide
3m High
Average Economy
Example Distance
300 Miles
Typical Fuel Cost
£5.20 PG
Journey Cost
Economy Saving
Fuel Saving

Make Sluggish Acceleration A Thing Of The Past

Example Relay/Boxer Base

Our tuning boxes have been custom-mapped for the full range of Motorhome base vehicle models such as the Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Renault Master and more. These have been developed by our in-house technical team, who collectively have decades of experience in Motorhome engine tuning.

Example Relay/Boxer Base

Example Ducato Base

With a TDI Tuning engine tuning box you’ll see not only improvements in standard driving but also during high torque activities, resulting in safer pulling away, easier towing of trailers and units and smoother acceleration thanks to better distributed power across the gear ranges.

Example Ducato Base

Improve The Economy Of Your Motorhome

See What A TDI-Tuning System Can Do

For those not sure on as to whether our range of tuning box products may be the best option for their motorhome vehicle we offer the opportunity to trial our products prior to purchase, whether via mail order and self-install or fitting at our head office.

For head office fitting, installation takes only 10 minutes and we’ll then take you on a 20 minute test drive, allowing you to see the difference in available power and the overall improvement in performance and drive responsiveness. You then have the option to purchase the system or to have it uninstalled and drive away at absolutely no cost.

If interested to purchase via mail order, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee which allows you to self-install a TDI-Tuning engine tuning system (typically taking only 10 minutes) and trial the performance gains for several days before choosing whether to keep or return the system.