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Why Tune A Marine Vehicle?

Marine Engine Remapping

Improve Engine Performance At A Fraction Of The Cost Of A New Engine

If you are finding that your current diesel engine is struggling to give you the performance you need, don’t consider selling your boat just yet. A TDI Tuning marine tuning box offers increases in both performance and economy.

Increase Vessel Response

Boost Torque Safely & Improve Vessel Responsiveness

By utilising one of our products you can experience power and torque improvements of up to 40% coupled with economy savings up to 20%, which can make a vast difference to the performance of your vessel. Enjoy better pulling power and greater top speeds thanks to our easy-to-install, completely safe modification.

Engine Compatible

Designed To Be 100% Engine Compatible

All our tuning box systems are designed so that the ECU’s safety functions remain fully enabled at all times in order to maintain constant protection for the engine components, preventing fuel or boost pressures from ever reaching unsafe levels.

Simple Installation Requiring No Specialist Knowledge

Marine Tuning Box

Systems are installed between your existing ECU and engine sensors and are supplied with fully customised software for your exact engine power and torque variant, for ultimate reliability, performance and safe operation. Our marine range of tuning products is carefully designed to be fully water resistant as well as impact and shock resistant, ensuring safe and reliable operation on any marine vessel.

Torque Increases For Your Engine

Example Torque Increases

Our marine engine tuning boxes also deliver impressive fuel economy results. Once installed, you will benefit from up to a 20% improvement in fuel usage, enabling you to spend even more time out on the water.

  Power Torque
  BHP Before BHP After NM Before NM After
Baudouin 6M19.3P2 494 642 2150 2795
Cummins QSB5.9-330 326 423 1125 1350
MerCruiser 4.2 250 247 306 560 644
Volvo Penta D4-225I 221 287 538 699
Yanmar 4BY2 148 192 320 416

Need Help On Dry Land Too?

We also provide products for cars and commercial vehicles, offering the same impressive power and torque gains along with fuel economy improvements. A TDI Tuning engine tuning box would be the perfect upgrade to your vehicle, making difficult high torque towing applications such as steep inclines, slipways and ramps far easier and safer to navigate.