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January Car of the Month - Volvo XC90

January 31, 2018 |

Category: Tuning Articles

Volvo V60

Tuning The Volvo i-ART Engine

Today is an auspicious occasion here at TDI-Tuning. When this customer first came to us with a brand new Volvo XC90 we could have shied away, and settled for the fact that the revolutionary i-ART engine simply cannot be tuned.

However! We decided to take on this challenge and tackle the issue head on. For those unfamiliar with the i-ART range of engines and the issues we faced allow us to elaborate; the latest in Diesel engine design i-ART stands for Intelligent Accuracy Refinement Technology. As manufacturers strive for ever more efficient diesel performance the engine sensor designs become more complex posing an increasingly difficult problem for TDI-Tuning to solve. 


Volvo XC90


Team that with some impressive micro-computing that can accurately assess fuel injection with 1/000,000 second precision and the result is a cleaner, more powerful, and more efficient Diesel engine.

Despite having the latest in engine design by the time the XC90 reaches your dealer it will inevitably be released with a lower power output than it is capable of. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is cost. One engine map realised worldwide is much cheaper than an optimum map for every country they sell in.


Volvo XC90


TDI-Tuning releases the full potential of your engine by delivering optimised signals via the fuel and turbo sensors. A simple task for a tuning company with more than a decade’s worth of experience, but this i-ART engine bought a new challenge for the in-house technical team to tackle!

After some clever engineering by our lead technicians the evasive solution has finally arrived. We now have a CRTD4 system capable of optimising the i-ART range.


With our CRTD4 QUINT Channel Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 235 TO 291 PS
Torque was increased from 480 To 571 NM
Fuel efficiency increased up to 20%


Volvo XC90


The result- a very happy customer! Overall responsiveness is greatly improved, power delivery is now much smoother, and MPG has been increased by up 20%.

A big thank you to this customer for lending us his brand new XC90! Find your tuning solution at TDI-Tuning.com today!