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TDI Tuning was launched in 2005 by friends Graeme King and Steven Legon and was born out of a passion for performance vehicles and backgrounds in engineering and computing. The company has grown from strength to strength year on year and has become one of the leading players in the premium tuning box products marketplace.


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TDI Directors


Marketing Director

Joint founder of the company, Graeme served over 10 years as Network Systems Administrator for large multi-national Emerson Network Power where he gained great knowledge and understanding of international business operations. With this background in IT and Technology Graeme contributed heavily in the early years of the company to the development of the tuning box hardware but, with the growth of the company, now leads the Marketing and Sales initiatives in his role as Marketing Director.


Technical Director

Joint founder of the company, Steve has lived and breathed engines and vehicles his whole life. Starting with tuning vehicles in his teens it fell to the way side whilst he forged a career as an Automotive Engineer, the highlight of which being working for Global car manufacturer Ford. Steve returned to his passion for tuning many years later and worked with lifelong friend Graeme to develop the company’s first Tuning Box Systems. He continues today as the Technical Director for the company and is the driving force behind product innovation and development.

TDI Sales


Dealer Executive

For our network of over 100+ traders and dealers worldwide Amelia and her team are their first point of contact for sales enquiries and technical support. With many years of experience in the automotive industry Amelia has a vast knowledge of vehicle models and variants as well as a wealth of technical knowledge related to vehicle operation. She has a passion for performance vehicles and will gladly tell you her opinion on what is the best vehicles in the market and those that are perfect for tuning with our range of tuning systems.


Sales Executive

Anna has been with the company many years now and heads the customer service team, often being one of the first people our customers speak with, working to answer any questions they may have and helping them with orders. Anna’s many years with the company has meant she is known to many of our customers who are always glad to speak with her when returning to us for additional products, reprograms and upgrades.

TDI Marketing


Marketing Manager

The digital marketing specialist, Michael acts as a guide to the brave new digital world and how companies can leverage it to connect their products and services to the right consumers. With his years in the industry, he is the ideal person to supervise and assist the marketing team in raising the companies profile via targeted marketing communications that generate new customers and increase awareness of TDI-Tuning within the marketplace.


Marketing Executive

With the phenomenal growth in business in Japan it was clearly important that to meet discerning Japanese consumer needs fluent translation would prove invaluable, ensuring nothing is lost in communication with customers and dealers alike. Mie, who was born in Japan and lived in Tokyo for much of her life, was the perfect candidate with having worked for large international companies for many years in a mixture of executive and translation based roles. With the official formation of TDI-Tuning Japan, Mie is now even busier working with our licenced Japanese representative to cope with the demand for our products in the territory.

TDI Technical


Technical Assistant

Whilst our products are designed for easy installation and hassle free operation, technical problems can arise and it’s Andrew and his technical team’s job to assist our customers as quickly and proficiently as possible. Previously a mechanic for over 8 years, Andrews’s knowledge of vehicles and engines is extensive which enables him to diagnose problems and resolve problems fast, ensuring customers can get back to enjoying greatly improved performance and driveability as soon as possible.