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ECU Remapping Services

Whilst most modern Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) engines are compatible with an engine tuning box, some older engines or naturally aspirated engines may require an alternative solution. Remapping can also release additional power and torque and deliver fuel economy benefits.

Customised Remap

A Fully Customised Remap

TDI Tuning can provide a fully customised remap of your existing Engine Control Unit (ECU), altering the power, torque and economy of the vehicle in line with your requirements.

Non-turbo Vehicles

Tune Non-turbo Vehicles

A naturally aspirated engine is a non-turbo engine. It does not have the capability to force air through its engine and therefore isn’t able to modify pressure levels and utilise extra power.

Special Customisations

Special Customisations

Due to the direct and customisable level of changes that can be made with an engine remap, they do possess many benefits.

Benefits Of Remapping

Increased Power, Torque and Economy

Up To 40% Gains In Power & Torque

An ECU remap will deliver improvements of up to 40% in both power and torque, improving vehicle responsiveness as well as boosting acceleration and top gear speeds.

Custom Programmed For Your Vehicle

Increased Throttle Response

With increased throttle response that takes into account your driving style, you will undoubtedly notice a more responsive and enjoyable drive thanks to your remapped ECU.

Increased Power, Torque and Economy

Fuel Gains of 4 – 6 mpg

You will benefit from fuel economy gains of around4-6 mpg, making remapping a cost-effective change to your engine.

Custom Programmed For Your Vehicle

Removal Of Flat Spots

The highly experienced calibration engineer will use the remapping software to remove flat spots in acceleration, improving the driving experience by smoothing out acceleration across the gear ranges.

TDI-Tuning provide professional performance remapping services for a wide range of turbo and non-turbo vehicles. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your engine.