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How & why tuning systems work

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How we release your hidden power

Your engine is producing 20-40% less power than it is naturally capable of. Almost all manufacturers develop one engine and limit it electronically to comply with worldwide regulations, fuel grades, climate etc.

This means your engine has much more to offer in terms of power and economy.

TDI Tuning has been developing pioneering solutions to this issue for over 10 years.

Our systems release this natural power and are designed to be used by the every-day driver, offering incredible gains with zero risk to your vehicle.

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Example engine

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Technology overview

How does it work?

The system takes live data from various engine sensors and delivers optimised signals to the ECU, making the engine perform as it should.

Where does it go?

The system simply plugs into the engine with a durable connector. Installation depends on your vehicle’s engine type but typically plugs into the fuel and turbo sensors.

Is it bad for my engine?

A TDI Tuning system does not make any permanent modifications to your vehicle- it simply tells your engine to run as it should without pushing past its limits. Removing the system will return your vehicle back to its original condition.

Are they complicated to install?

The systems are designed to be plug-and-play and can be installed at home with no mechanical knowledge needed. Installation takes around 15 minutes and illustrated instructions for your vehicle are included.

The TDI Tuning CRTD4 tuning system

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Tuning for the
everyday driver


Unlock the potential of your engine. Our systems release up to 40% extra horsepower and torque. The CRTD4 also increases fuel economy by up to 20% typically delivering an extra 4-6 MPG.


You can be sure that your TDI Tuning System understands your engine. Every system is engineered by our expert technicians to work seamlessly with your vehicle.


TDI Tuning systems do not modify the engine’s ECU in any way. This means the system leaves no trace on the vehicle’s electronic brain and, once removed, returns the vehicle back to its original condition.

Easy install

TDI Tuning systems are simply plug-and-play. They require no specialist knowledge or tools and installation takes around 15 minutes.


Your tuning system can be used on future vehicles using a low cost reprogram service, with a 48 hour turnaround.


Our products connect with your engine via the fuel and turbo sensors, ensuring your ECU is always in control and no damage can come to your engine.

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TDI Tuning App

Smartphone displaying the TDI Tuning app, shown with TDI Tuning CRTD4 tuning system

More power or more economy? With the TDI Tuning App you can decide directly from your driver’s seat. Instantly change the performance of your engine and adapt your vehicle to suit any situation.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store:

Download on the App Store
Download on the Google Play Store

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