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Why Power is Hidden to begin with

Why power is hidden to begin with

Manufacturers sell their vehicles across the world, with untapped power locked in the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU is the computer or brain that controls all the functions of a modern engine.

This is for a variety of reasons, including accommodating differences in global fuel grades and adhering to regional specific emission regulations. It is far more cost effective to manufacture one single engine design and limit it, than it is to manufacture 10 different engine designs.

Power and torque often reserved for superior vehicle models is available by the way our tuning box communicates with the ECU.

A device to release hidden power

A TDI Tuning tuning box is an innovative piece of automotive technology that allows for the safe increase of an engine’s power and torque.

With power and torque increases of up to 40%, it may at first seem implausible that an engine can instantly be made to significantly increase performance.

However, there’s a very simple reason why, when carried out by tuning professionals, it’s not only possible but completely safe and highly effective.

Release Hidden Engine Power