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Why Tune A Commercial Vehicle?

Decrease Fleet Fuel Costs

With many businesses striving to reduce their fuel costs, engine tuning boxes are fast becoming the preferred choice amongst fleet managers. Some companies opt for in-car software or other ‘big brother’ apps to monitor fuel use and driver behaviour, or maybe put their staff through driver training schemes. But this is an investment in the individual and not in your asset – the vehicle.

Returns You Can Rely On Time And Time Again

By installing a tuning box to your fleet or commercial vehicle you will consistently and continually reap fuel economy improvements, regardless of who is behind the wheel. As a leading supplier in this industry, TDI Tuning provides engine tuning products suitable for modern vehicles of almost any type.

Increase Driver Satisfaction

Our products also provide a refined driving experience leading to greater overall satisfaction for vehicle operators, ensuring they feel comfortable and satisfied in their vehicle whilst performing their roles, which has major road safety implications when drivers are spending large periods of time behind the wheel.

Fuel Economy Tuning

Fuel Used
Fuel Cost Saving
Factory Software 352.3 10.92 32.36 N/A £3,152.04 £0.00
Economy Tune 448 11.8 38.2 5.84 £2,670.16 £481.88
Eco & Limiters 428.7 10.4 41.49 9.13 £2,458.43 £693.61

Our tuning boxes typically deliver fuel economy improvements of up to 6mpg depending on driving style. High-mileage commercial users can make annual fuel cost savings that will not only cover the initial cost of the tuning box but return substantial savings year on year.

Whether you have a single commercial vehicle or manage a fleet of hundreds, you will benefit from a great return on your initial investment. BT is one of the largest companies to tune their fleet for fuel economy, totalling over 30,000 vehicles. The annual cost saving for their Openreach vehicles alone is projected to reach £4million per year.

Trials And Fleet Fitting

Trial Performance At No Risk

We offer fleet managers a tuning box with an extended 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the results and fuel savings, we will happily give a full, no-quibble refund. If you are impressed with the cost savings on just one vehicle and would like to extend vehicle tuning across your fleet, then we offer a discounteded fleet rates.

Simple Installation, No Modifications

In addition to these cost savings, we also provide a free in-house or on-site fitting service (one session per fleet and a minimum vehicle quantity applies).

Product Trialing

Trial A TDI-Tuning System For Your Fleet

TDI Tuning can offer fleet managers a tuning box for a 30-day trial for one of their fleet vehicles, demonstrating the fuel economy benefits that could be experienced across the whole fleet as well as the improvements to vehicle performance and driver satisfaction as a result.

If you would like to purchase further units after your trial, we can offer a discounted commercial fleet rate based on the number of units you require. All our tuning products come with a 3-year comprehensive warranty, and can be reprogrammed for use on future vehicles, making them a an investment with strong lifetime value.