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December Car of the Month - BMW X5 M50

BMW X5 M50 D With CRTD4 Twin Channel Tuning System.

With our CRTD4 Twin Channel Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 381 BHP to 465 BHP 
Torque was increased from 546 LB/FT to 633 LB/FT

This months ‘Car of the month’ is the beastly BMW X5 M50d. It rockets forward without breaking a sweat.  0-60 comes by in 5 seconds, so on a straight stretch of road even the hottest of hatches don’t stand a chance of keeping up with it. The BMW X5 M50 is a great choice of car all year round, it packs a punch while remaining practical and spacious enough for the demands of a family. The additional torque can really be felt but the cabin of the car remains a calm and comfortable place to sit. Providing you don't plan on taking the car on a bendy track any time soon, it ticks all the boxes! We took a closer look at the BMW. The power delivery is adjusted throughout the rev range to ensure the car still feels smooth when accelerating. We pay special attention to the torque curve on the map, it is important to find the perfect mix between smooth acceleration and outright power. This engine has been fine-tuned by our vehicle technicians on multiple occasions, the end result is spectacular. 

The BMW is up against some tough competition, especially as the UK market is so devoted SUV's and Compact Crossovers. Lots of modern cars now come coupled with a small turbocharger for efficiency. BMW decide that one doesn't quite cut the mustard in the M50d’s case. Four turbochargers are used to circulate the air around the 3.0 6 cylinder engine. The big engine is required as it does have just over 2 tonnes to lug around before you bring any passengers into the equation. The weight of the car doesn’t feel like a burden and it doesn’t feel heavy or cumbersome. There is more than enough room to accommodate 5 adults inside the X5, and it’s a nice place to be as well because they come well spec'd. The big boy petrol version of this car is due to make its debut soon, but until that time comes this engine is definitely the one to go for. It combines moderate economy with the grunt that is customary for a big diesel engine. As the market becomes more diluted with variants of SUV vehicles it becomes harder and harder to stand out amongst the rest. This BMW does a great job doing just that, we feel that the engine alone brings it leaps and bounds above its competitors. 

The TDI-Tuning box transforms cars by tapping into the power reserves without overwriting any security protocols. The massive burst of torque propels you forward whatever the weather, and the box can be adjusted to suit your driving needs and requirements. This car proved to be a difficult one to fine tune due to the abundance of turbochargers to work with. The tuning box works with the standard components and processes the values it intercepts to ensure smooth and reliable power delivery. Utilising all the power it unleashes, working with the intelligent 4WD system this car comes equipped with. The styling of the car is fairly understated and this particular colour combination works very well with the feature lines and large alloys. We love to tune all of the unique and distinctive engines not just available in BMW's but across all the manufacturers. If you have a vehicle you are thinking about adding a personal touch to, then look no further. Our technical team love a challenge, so if your vehicle doesn't appear in our vast vehicle database then please get in touch!

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