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January Car of the Month - 2022 Audi RS4 Avant Vorsprung

Audi RS4 Avant Performance Gains

2022 Audi RS4 Avant Vorsprung Edition With A CRTD4 SENT Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 SENT Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box:
Power increased from 444 to 506 BHP
Torque increased from 600 to 672 NM 

The Audi RS4 Avant is a phenomenal car. It's not even up for debate, anyone who has an interest in cars loves it! Needless to say, it's fast, but the benefits don't stop there. We hate to mention it, but it's practical too. It's also undoubtedly sexy. This particular Audi RS4 is also close to being brand-new. Why would anyone want to modify it so soon after getting it? The answer to that lies below, keep reading to find out why the owner of this Audi RS4 Avant opted for a TDI-Tuning Box (Yes, we tune Petrol engines too).

Audi RS4 Tuning Box

Audi RS4 Avant Vorsprung: A mechanical masterpiece

Picture this, you have 444 BHP ready to release under your right foot. Alongside 600 NM, and, an exhaust soundtrack that puts a smile on your face every time you drive it. As this RS4 is the Vorsprung edition, it has a whole host of top level tech to help enhance the driving experience. One of these things is 'Dynamic Ride Control'. Using hydraulic fluid to control the ride depending on what you want. Another top tech feature is the 'Dynamic Steering'. It adjusts the weight of the steering and the amount of steering depending on how fast you are traveling. Some drivers say that the steering doesn't feel as "Connected" with this option, but let's be honest, it's not going to be a deal breaker is it? If you didn't want these options, all you have to do is not select the Vorsprung edition. When you want to plod about and cruise, the engine is smooth like butter. When you want to open the floodgates and let the engine do what it does best, it turns into a completely different animal. One that will throw you around and beat you up. It doesn't beat you up like you would think though, intelligent suspension and steering means it's controllable. It's a tamed animal.

That's more than can be said about this cars only real competitor. The Mercedes C63 AMG Estate. Even though the notorious naturally aspirated 6.3 litre engine is no longer present, it has a new party piece. The Mercedes AMG has a 4.0 litre twin turbo engine that packs in 469 BHP and 649 NM. More than the standard RS4 Avant! There aren't any other competing cars in the super-fast estate category (That don't cost over £125,000). So, it makes perfect sense to tune the RS4, turn it into the fastest estate car on the road. Overtaking the Mercedes C63 AMG along the way.

Audi RS4 Vorsprung Edition

Tuning Audi RS4: Why choose TDI-Tuning?

To clear things up, this is a Petrol 2.9 Litre Audi RS4 Avant Vorsprung Edition. TDI-Tuning specialise in tuning Petrol, Diesel, and Hybrid cars. Not just Diesel! This Audi RS4 is a prime example. It's a 2022 vehicle, with a nearly-new engine. Our technical team spends hours researching and developing new map files for the latest and greatest models released. The owner of this RS4 Avant wanted the extra power, without permanently modifying the vehicle. This meant he had one option, a Chip-Tuning Box. The Tuning Box we supply connects to engine sensors and adjusts the readings to optimise the outputs. The actual "Map File" is stored on the tuning box. This means the vehicle ECU remains untampered with. Remove the tuning box and the car goes back to standard. NO physical or digital trace left behind. This RS4 now harnesses 506 BHP & 672 NM. Surpassing it's only rival, the AMG C63, by a long way.

Audi RS4 Quattro DSG

Personalised power, when you want it

The Chip-Tuning Box by TDI-Tuning is one of the most advanced tuning boxes on the market. Engineered for your vehicle and offering 7 drive settings. Ranging from 1 – 7, you can adjust the settings to suit your drive. Setting 7 offers the largest performance boost available. Setting 1 offers a mixture of power and fuel efficiency. With our handy Bluetooth App you are in full control of the amount of power delivered at any given time. Our customers all have their own personal preference, some like the mixture of performance and fuel efficiency, they may choose mode 4. Other customers prefer all the power all the time, we would suggest mode 7 for this! Whatever power mode you choose, you have full control over the performance of your vehicle, just how it should be. The owner of this RS4 now has incredible levels of power that aren't available in any other estate car on the roads. It's the fastest estate car... in the world.

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