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January Car of the Month - Fiat 124 Spider

fiat chip tuning

Fiat 124 Spider 168 BHP With A CRTD4 Multi Channel Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Tuning Box:
Power was increased from 168 to 210 BHP
Torque was increased from 250 to 308 NM 

One of the best two seater roadsters you can buy?

Two seater roadsters are becoming few and far between! Maybe it's because we are in the midst of winter. Regardless of the time of year, the little Abarth 124 is a great car. The Fiat 124 is already a crowd pleaser here at TDI-Tuning so this tightened up performance focused variant really hits the spot. It could be one of the best 2 seater roadsters available. Sorry Mazda MX5 fans, but we have reasoning to back up this theory! Read on to find out more.

abarth tuning

Is it a Mazda MX5?

No, it's an Abarth! A lot of the components and body panels are either the same or similar to the MX5 though. That's not a bad thing, the MX5 is clearly a great vehicle to drive. Fiat, however, use their own engine instead of the ones available in the Mazda. It's a 1.4 multi-air petrol turbo. A great engine that sounds fantastic. Pushing out 168 BHP, it isn't the most powerful car on the road, but it's not all about the speed with this car. It's about the experience, the noise, the handling. All of which, are brilliant. The subtle differences between this Abarth and the MX5 are what makes it stand out. The Abarth badges, the sports exhaust. It isn't just visual differences either, the Abarth comes kitted out with Blistein dampers and a LSD. It's them two additions that make it a perfect car for tuning. It can definitely handle the additional power.

fiat abarth chip tuning

The journey of this Abarth 124: From start to finish

This particular TDI-Tuned Abarth 124 has had quite the journey before ending up in our workshop. It started life as a Fiat 124, then Abarth get hold of it and kit it out with turbocharged engines and sport exhausts. But even after Abarth have had some time with it, could you get even more power? Yes, is the answer. That power comes in the form of a TDI-Tuning Chip. Enhancing sensor readings to improve vehicle performance and increase the power and torque figures. Simple really. So how much power does it have now? 210 HP and 308 NM of torque. That's 42 more HP and 58 NM of torque extra. This engine in particular benefits greatly from the torque figure improvement. The low down power excels. It feels incredible to drive with the limited slip diff and the Blistein dampers. Sticking to the road with barely any body-roll. Partly due to the fact that it's based off the chassis of the Mazda MX5. A tried and tested vehicle loved and adored by enthusiasts all over the world!

fiat tuning

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