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July Car of the Month - Brand new Toyota Hilux 2.8


2020 Toyota Hilux 2.8 201 BHP With A CRTD4 SENT Quint Channel Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 SENT Quint Channel Tuning Box:
Power increased from 201 to 249 BHP
Torque increased from 500 to 580 NM 

This is the new Toyota Hilux 2.8 litre Invincible D-4d 4WD. A no nonsense off-road beast in the 4x4 market. If you own a Toyota Hilux, you have the luxury of not needing an 'official' road. But if you put this pick-up on the tarmac and it's no slouch. With a standard 0-60 time of 10.7 seconds (10.1 if you have the manual), it's pretty quick! Sometimes tuning your car isn't about making it quicker though, what if you want more torque for pulling a trailer? More fuel efficiency for the longer journeys on the motorway? You're in the right place!


More torque for Toyota Hilux 2.8

It's easy to forget that tuning a vehicle could be for many different reasons. It could be for more top end power, more low-down grunt, improved fuel efficiency, or a combination of everything. That is why the owner of this Toyota Hilux wanted to use a TDI-Tuning box instead of a conventional remap. The tuning box has 7 different modes available to choose from once installed. These 7 power modes offer an alternative tuning file depending on what you want to achieve. You want the biggest performance increase as you are taking the pick-up off-road? Select mode 7 for some huge performance gains. Back onto the road and want to maximise your fuel efficiency, move down to mode 1. It's easy to change modes with our Bluetooth app, you don't even have to get out of the car. Mode selection is one of the many reasons you might choose a TDI-Tuning Box instead of a remap, find out another reason below, keep on reading...


Brand new Toyota Hilux tuning

Mode selection on the TDI-Tuning Box is something a remap can't offer. A remap has one mode, and it's written into the vehicle ECU, you can't change it. The TDI-Tuning Box does NOT overwrite the ECU settings, so once it's removed, it's traceless. This is the other main reason that the owner of this Toyota Hilux wanted to use a TDI-Tuning Box instead of a remap. It's a brand-new pick-up! Toyota currently offer a 3-year manufacturer warranty with all new vehicles. That period is then followed by a 12-month extension if you get it serviced following the guidelines. If the owner of this truck, took it back to Toyota with the tuning box attached, or worse, an ECU remap overwriting the manufacturer software, that warranty is no more! Thankfully, if you do have a tuning box, remove it before the service, and the car is back to standard. It is traceless and you can keep your warranty intact.


2.8 Toyota Hilux 0-60 times

Still not convinced about the TDI-Tuning Box? Fine, how about some cold, hard, proof? Once the customer installed our tuning box, we got some 0-60 times with the box turned on and turned off. Tested on the same road, on the same day, with the same Hilux. The only difference is the TDI-Tuning Box, no other modifications.

Standard run: 10.26 seconds to 60 MPH

TDI-Tuned run: 9.33 seconds to 60 MPH

Almost a whole second faster (0.93) with the TDI-Tuning Box installed and turned on mode 7. The performance increase is easy to see, not that anyone is conducting any drag races with this pick-up. Although if you are, then you might want to invest in a TDI-Tuning Box! It's one of the most powerful trucks you can buy, and it's made even faster with the TDI-Tuning Box.