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March Car of the Month - 2022 Land Rover Discovery 3.0 D300

Land Rover TDI-Tuning

2022 Land Rover Discovery 296 BHP With A CRTD4 Twin Channel Diesel Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 Twin Channel Diesel Tuning Box:
Power increased from 296 to 373 BHP
Torque increased from 650 to 754 NM 

This is the Land Rover Discovery R-Dynamic HSE D300 MHEV. Quite a mouthful, so, let's break it down. It has a 3.0 litre inline 6 turbo diesel engine. The engine produces 296 BHP (221 KW) and 650 NM (479 Lb/Ft). It has an 8-Speed automatic gearbox and all the mod-cons you would expect of a Land Rover. Air suspension, high ground clearance, and it weighs close to 2.5 tonne. The weight of this vehicle and the modest engine power means below average fuel efficiency. Fuel prices are higher than ever right now, so all the more reason to save some yourself some money. There is an easy way to save fuel at the pumps, and it comes in the form of a TDI-Tuning Box.

Land Rover Tuning Box

Save money at the pumps with a TDI-Tuning Box.

When you think of tuning, what comes to mind? Most people would think: "It's making something faster". But this isn't the only reason to tune your engine. Engine tuning with a TDI-Tuning box is so much more than this. It's so much more than "Making something faster". Before we look into what engine tuning is, it's important to understand the types of tuning available. You can tune an engine by changing digital readings and software. This means remapping or rewriting the ECU, or, using a TDI-Tuning Box. You can also tune an engine by modifying physical components, such as turbochargers and induction systems. Every single modification has a direct influence. It might be to improve power output, fuel efficiency, or longevity of the engine. Sometimes a modification can improve several aspects of the engine, so you can have more power, and improved fuel efficiency. This is exactly what the TDI-Tuning Box does. By optimising sensor readings, the TDI-Tuning Box is tweaking the vehicle settings. These settings mean more power, and more fuel efficiency too! But how is this possible? More power AND more fuel efficiency!?

TDI-Tuning Land Rover App

With great power, comes great fuel efficiency.

We apologise for the Spider-Man rip off there. But the premise is true. If the extra power gets used in the right way, fuel efficiency can actually prosper from the power. Think of it this way, the car in question is a heavy Land Rover Discovery. With a standard engine configuration, it has modest levels of performance. The engine is having to perform at the top of it's game, most of the time. It's utilising every ounce of power the engine has to offer. Here is the clever part, introduce a TDI-Tuning Box. The engine is no longer straining itself for normal day to day driving. You could see up to a 20% improvement on your fuel efficiency when using a TDI-Tuning Box. Providing you are preservative with your driving style. These savings aren't a myth, it's real life! The power unlocked by the TDI-Tuning Box when used right can save you £££ at the pumps! Having more power in each gear means you can change into a higher gear sooner. This means the engine isn't struggling as much, and you save money on fuel. It's that simple. You don't even need to take our word for it, our customers have solid proof on this matter.

Fuel saving with TDI-Tuning

How can I save money on my fuel costs?

Saving money on fuel is on the forefront of everybody's mind right now. Fuel prices have reached a record high at the time of writing this article. All the more reason to invest in a TDI-Tuning Box. You could start saving money straight away. It sounds counterintuitive, buy a TDI-Tuning Box to save money on fuel? As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Don't forget we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you aren't noticing the performance or fuel efficiency gains you are after, send it back! We even offer 7 modes to pick from, some of our customers report fuel savings in mode 7, the most powerful map we offer. Some report the largest fuel savings in mode 1. It all comes down to your individual driving style. Contact out team today to find out more.

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