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September Car of the Month - BMW M2

BMW M2 engine tuning

BMW M2 with CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning System

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 365 BHP to 427 BHP
Torque was increased from 500 NM to 565 NM

The BMW M2 is a firm favourite here at TDI-Tuning. It’s up there with the best driver’s cars you can buy. Although it is sometimes called the baby of the BMW range, the performance figures are far from childish. So, what is it about this beautiful BMW that car enthusiasts gravitate towards? Is it the best driver’s car you can buy in today’s market? We think it could be, read on to find out why…

M2 engine tuning

BMW M2 Competition with CRTD4 Channel Petrol Tuning System

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 404 BHP to 521 BHP 
Torque was increased from 550 NM to 638 NM

Before we begin, lets cover the differences between the M2 and the M2 Competition. A 3.0 Twin Turbo 6 cylinder engine powers the BMW's but they are fairly different. The competition has an additional 40 BHP at it’s disposal (N55 & S55 Engines). There are a whole host of aesthetic changes, including bigger alloys wheels. But we are going to leave aesthetics aside as the power figures are more interesting! As one of the most popular cars we tune, we have a continuous stream of them in for installs at TDI-Tuning HQ. The two BMW M2’s in this article were both in within the space of a few days. One being the standard M2 and one being the M2 Competition. One thing rang true when we were asking the owners about their cars. They absolutely loved them! In fact, both of the owners felt like they were nearly perfect in every single way. Almost perfect… So what could you possibly improve about this performance BMW?

It’s not a hidden secret that engines can be remapped to achieve more power than they produce as standard. Manufacturers test engines at higher BHP than they put out when released to the general public. They also release different power outputs to release different models, like the BMW M2’s we had in this week! One is running 365 BHP as standard and one is running 404 BHP as standard, from a slightly modified 3.0 engine! It would be financially crippling to develop and produce 3 different engines for the sake of having 3 different power outputs. Not to mention completely pointless! It is because of all of these points that enable TDI-Tuning to thrive in the tuning industry. Unlocking the hidden power that the engine is easily capable of, it’s just a matter of finding it! The S55 engine present in the BMW M2 Competition is also found in the M3 and M4, so it has plenty more to give.

One thing is for sure, if you have the BMW M2 or the Competition, we have a custom map for the exact engine and power output to put a smile on your face! Our custom map settings are developed by combining a mixture of road and dyno testing. The dyno tests enable us to set out the initial settings, and the road test enable us to iron out any flaws or inconsistencies. When we spoke to both owners they felt as if the only way their BMW could be enhanced was by increasing the power output. The handling is already second to none, the chassis is planted and the grip levels are outstanding. So the car can definitely cope with a power increase, why not just remap the ECU and increase the power that way?  

M2 tuning box

The BMW M2 in the pictures are a 17 plate, and the Competition is a 19 plate. This means both of these BMW’s are still well within their manufactures warranty. Remapping the ECU would rewrite the standard software and safety protocols written in by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this process is NOT traceless. This is where the TDI-Tuning box comes into play. The map settings are stored on a secondary device, the TDI-Tuning box. This means the ECU is not marked in any way, it remains digitally and physically traceless once removed. A must have for any performance vehicle owner who has a manufacturer’s warranty on their car. Why invalidate it when you can achieve the same results from the TDI-Tuning box. Better still, the tuning box has 7 map programs to pick from instead of one (a remap). Not only that, but the tuning box can also be taken off and reprogrammed for another make/model, unlike a remap. This is exactly why the two BMW owners came to TDI-Tuning for more power, it’s simply better than any OBD remap or ECU remap out there in today’s marketplace.

Just so people don’t think we are being bias too, we do offer both services. 95% of our customers go for the tuning box once we have spoken about the benefits of the TDI-Tuning box. if you have a BMW M2 then take a look at our install video listed below, it goes into detail exactly how to install the TDI-Tuning box step by step. Thanks for reading!