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September Car of the Month - Infiniti Qx70

Infiniti Qx70

Tuning the Infiniti Qx70

At TDI-Tuning we provide tuning solutions for over 6000 vehicle variants around the world, this allows us to work with some top vehicle manufacturers. Infiniti are constantly pushing the limits of their vehicles performance and style to produce some impressive vehicles. This Infiniti Qx70 is both striking in design and features. With its adaptive cruise control, intelligent all-wheel drive and rear active steering you don’t need to look far to see why Infiniti are the premium brand within the Nissan group. Packed with features this luxury crossover is a pleasure to drive straight out of the factory.

The owner of this Qx70 was happy with the vehicle but like many of our customers wanted to unleash the vehicles true potential. Having heard about TDI-Tuning through friends and reading our numerous reviews on Facebook, this customer decided to come to our Chelmsford branch to take advantage of our free installation service. After fitting, the customer was taken on a test-drive and was impressed at the instant increase in performance while looking forward to fully testing the product over the next few weeks.

With our CRTD4 TWIN-Channel Tuning Box installed:- 
Power is increased from 235 to 296 BHP
Torque is increased from 550 to 638 NM
Fuel efficiency is increased by 4-6 Mpg


Infiniti Qx70


CRTD4 – No Safer Way To Tune Your Vehicle.


With the Infiniti brand always pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering, their vehicles and our tuning solutions work perfectly together. As with all manufacturers, Infiniti produce many models using the same engine tuned to different levels allowing us to untap this performance with our tuning boxes.

Our CRTD4 reads and adapts the live data from the engines sensors to increase the performance. We use the fuel rail sensor data to alter the air to fuel ratios within the combustion to create a better, stronger burn producing more BHP while also increasing fuel efficiency. Our Twin Channel Tuning Box also connects to the boost sensor to get the turbo to spool quicker reducing turbo lag. All of these changes are made instantly to provide a better, smoother drive while staying within the safety limits of the ECU.


Infiniti Qx70