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Tuning a Golf for Maximum Power

Volkswagen Golf

Tuning A Golf For Maximum Power

This new 1.4 Volkswagen Golf R Line Edition TSI came in recently for the installation of our CRTD4 Multi-Channel Petrol Tuning Box, with our product increasing power and torque output significantly whilst redefining performance and improving the overall driving experience.

This customer was looking for increased performance and refinement from their 1.4 Golf. The low-down torque of this relatively small engine was a bit lacking and TDI-Tuning were tasked with giving this engine a boost.


With our CRTD4 TWIN Channel Tuning Box installed:

Power was taken from 148 to 185 Bhp

Torque was taken from 250 to 308 Nm

Turbo delivery was also remapped to improve early RPM acceleration and reduce lag.

Volkswagen Golf


The best tuning box for a Golf

Our CRTD4 range is compatible with over 99% of modern turbo petrol and diesel vehicles and can be re-programmed for either engine type should you upgrade your vehicle in the future. Via the external keypad, they are easily adjustable between 7 custom operation modes offering versatility in operation and performance.

This Volkswagen customer was thrilled with the performance enhancements TDI-Tuning offered. The driveability of the car was immediately improved and the low-end torque increased significantly.  

As with all our products, this customer was safe in the knowledge that they were covered by our comprehensive 3 year product warranty on their tuning box as well as having a 14 day money back guarantee should they not be completely happy with their purchase.

If you own a Volkswagen and you’re looking for a more refined, powerful experience get in touch on 01245 392255