CRTD4 QUAD Channel Diesel Tuning Box
CRTD4 QUAD Channel Diesel Tuning Box
CRTD4 QUAD Channel Diesel Tuning Box  Harness

CRTD4 QUAD Channel Diesel Tuning Box

Audi Q7 6.0 TDI

Performance Gains
Power Increase:
Torque Increase:
Fuel Efficiency Increase: Up To 20%
Product Information

Cutting Edge Tuning Technology

Our CRTD4® Quad-Channel Tuning Box for your Audi Q7 6.0 TDI V12 493 BHP / 500 PS / 368 KW / 1000 NM / 738 LBFT  is at the cutting edge of digital tuning box technology and represents a revolution in vehicle performance remapping. Based on micro-processor architecture, the CRTD4® Quad-Channel Tuning Box remaps vehicle performance moment to moment by interfacing with the engine via the custom sensor data connection harness. Following installation via the supplied engine specific instructions your vehicle's Power will be increased by +94 BHP for a total of 587 BHP as well as increasing torque by +160 NM  for a total of 1160 NM


A Revolution In Vehicle Performance Tuning

For domestic vehicle owners our CRTD4® Quad-Channel Tuning Box transforms the everyday drive experience by increasing available Power and Torque whilst remapping power delivery, increasing responsiveness and eliminating flat spots in individual gear acceleration arcs. On top of this our Quad-Channel model also reduces turbo lag for the vehicle having it activate earlier in the rpm range and further boosting vehicle responsiveness as well as acceleration performance.

Improved Fuel Efficiency:
The TDI-Tuning box can improve fuel efficiency by up to 20%. This fuel efficiency improvement is down to your own individual driving style.
5 Year Product Warranty:
The TDI-Tuning Box comes with a 5-year product warranty. This is a fully comprehensive product warranty. If anything goes wrong with your TDI-Tuning Box, we will fix it or replace it free of charge.
Traceless Removal:
The TDI-Tuning Box is traceless once removed from the vehicle. It does not leave a digital or physical trace behind. This is because the tuning box adjusts your engine sensor readings before the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Please ensure you remove your tuning box before inspection.
The TDI-Tuning Box can be reprogrammed as many times as you want! So long as we can tune your vehicle, you can reprogram our tuning box. Double check with our team to ensure we can tune your next vehicle.
Engine Safe:
Our Tuning Box is completely safe to use. All of our tunes are rigorously tried and tested before being released to our customers.
Simple Install:
Our Tuning Box requires no previous mechanical ability and can be installed within 30 minutes. It requires no physical alterations to be made to the engine or to the vehicle software. As each tuning box comes with its own set of specific instructions, it’s very easy to install!

* Tuning profile is representative.

Audi Q7 6.0 TDI 493BHP / 1000NM
£778.99 £623.20


TDI Tuning digital tuning boxes come pre-programmed for your engine - you just plug it in, secure it with the supplied cable ties and drive off to enjoy an immediate and significant increase in performance.

Tuning boxes come complete with fitting instructions, TDI Tuning also have step-by-step fitting videos available for many of our most popular vehicles.

If you need an expert to help you with your fitting then a TDI Tuning engineer is only a phone call away.

We offer a free installation service at our HQ in Chelmsford, Essex. TDI Tuning also have a network of partner garages across the UK. For a small fee TDI Tuning can organise installation at your local fitter.