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First, try completing disconnecting the tuning box and attempting a re-installation, this will help you ensure you have installed it correctly with all plugs firmly attached. If connected the wrong way, the tuning box will not receive power and the LED will not illuminate, thus preventing the engine from starting or operating correctly. Check your connector installation and see if the LED now illuminates allowing the vehicle to start.

If you install the CRTD4 Tuning box into your vehicle and the engine does not start, you may be experiencing a poor connection. Please recheck all connections to engine and check that the surface mounted LED on the tuning box illuminates when the ignition is on. We would recommend you try re-affixing your connectors.

Have you changed the unit operating mode to maximum setting? Did you drive the vehicle for 10 miles between increasing to each of the modes? If not then you may need to step back down to the starting mode, 4, and follow our instructions for adjusting your Tuning Box. If you followed the adjustment instructions and still have a warning light at the maximum setting, adjust the box back to setting 4 and contact our customer services for further guidance.

You may have not installed the product correctly, we would suggest first attempting a re-installation of the product in order to ensure it has been correctly installed. Following this, we would suggest increasing the box mode to its maximum, please refer to your supplied instructions on how to do this. If you have done this and feel you still see no improvements please contact us for further guidance.

If you start your vehicle after attaching the Tuning box and experiencing excessive smoking, this could be a simple case of personalising and adjusting the unit to suit your exact fuelling characteristics. Adjust the settings on the box to the left one position, then road test the vehicle. Excessive exhaust smoke could also be caused by a split in an intercooler hose so a visual check of these components is highly recommended.

First, disconnect and re-install the product which will ensure no connections have come loose or any damage has occurred to the box or connection harness. When re-installing the product, set the tuning box to its standard setting of level 4. If the problem re-occurs contact our technical department for further guidance. If re-installed and no problems occur at level 4, move the tuning box up to its maximum by one setting every ten miles at a time.

Users of our products can become accustomed to additional power and torque over several months or years of ownership. First we would suggest to check the LED on the tuning box receives power. Press it to adjust up or down one to test. This information will be important later should you need to contact us. Second we would suggest to uninstall the product and see if you notice a degradation in vehicle performance. If with the box removed you feel performance is unchanged then please contact our customer services department, it may be that your unit has developed a fault.

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TDI Tuning App

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More power or more economy? With the TDI Tuning App you can decide directly from your driver’s seat. Instantly change the performance of your engine and adapt your vehicle to suit any situation.

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