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Land Rover has been building its legendary vehicles since 1948 and has become the definitive 4x4 brand though developing some of the most capable off road vehicles in the world. It wasn’t till 9 years after their launch of their series one that they introduced their first 2 litre diesel option producing a humble 52hp at 4000rpm. During the early 1990s their ground-breaking Discovery brought with it the hugely popular mechanically controlled 200tdi and 300tdi units which were superseded by the far more refined TD5 engine in the late 90s with a much more advanced management system. Under BMW ownership, Land Rover also used some of its engines for the P38 Rangerover and Freelander. Then under Ford ownership from 2000, Land Rover began to use some of their engines for all of its models.TDI-Tuning's latest tuning box technology focuses on boosting the torque and economy of your Land Rover. 


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