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Inside the Reprogramming process. Save money with TDI-Tuning

Reprogram with TDI-Tuning & Save money in the process.

A TDI-Tuning Box can be reprogrammed an infinite amount of times. This means you can keep it forever, if you change your car often this is a great way to save money! But how do you save money by reprogramming a TDI-Tuning Box?

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Reprogramming: The TDI-Tuning process

If you already have a TDI Chip Tuning Box, then good news, you have already started saving money. But what happens if you change your vehicle? The tuning box you purchased is set up to work with your old vehicle. This means you will need to have it 'Re-flashed' or 'Reprogrammed'. Even more good news... We can handle your reprogramming and make the transition seamless and hassle free! So, you need to reprogram your TDI-Tuning Box, what do you do first?

Step one:

Do you know how many channels your new car requires? If yes then you can head over to the reprogramming service page right now! Once you’ve placed your order you will be emailed instructions on how to return.

If you don’t then contact us by phone, email, live-chat, or our social media channels. This is an important first step as we will need to know what your new vehicle is to provide you with the correct map file. We will normally ask you for your previous order number, or your email address that you used to place the original order. If you didn't order the tuning box from us and you bought it second hand, we will need to know what model it is. If it has + and - buttons on the top, it's a CRTD4 or newer. This is the most advanced chip tuning box that you can buy. The reason we need to know what make/model of vehicle you are changing to is because we need to determine what map to load onto the tuning box. We also need to be able to supply the correct vehicle harness for your car.

Step two:

Send the TDI-Tuning Box back to us with the vehicle harness and we will get to work. The reprogramming process involves several quality checks to ensure that you are getting the best possible service. Once we receive the box back with us we will take it apart! Stripping the tuning box back down to the circuit board and internal components. We do this to ensure it has not taken on water and all the parts are functioning as they should. If we decide that the parts are not working as they should, we provide a brand new tuning box for you to use.

Step three:

The tuning files for your new car are loaded onto the tuning box. The correct vehicle harness is also located and put with your return package. Once this step is complete, we send the tuning box back to you after it's health check. We send it back with the new instructions for your vehicle, and you’re good to go! Simple!

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TDI Chip Tuning: Start saving money now

You must think we have gone crazy! Reprogramming a TDI-Tuning Box COSTS money, so how can it save you money? We base this on the cost of a conventional ECU remap. They range from anywhere between £200 - £700 depending on the company you use and the hardware to go along with it. If you change your vehicle, your ECU remap cannot transfer to a new vehicle. You will need to outlay another £200 - £700 for another Remap. If a garage updates your vehicle software, a remap would also be lost meaning another purchase!

Most of our reprogramming services work out around £120. It's for this reason that it is cheaper to use a TDI-Tuning Box instead of using a conventional ECU remap. So it’s impressive performance gains AND it works out cheaper. So, it's win-win! If you want to see a list of our reprogramming services then take a look at our reprogramming page.

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Remote Reprogramming: What's that?

Remote reprogramming is a new service we have started to offer. Several of our customers were changing vehicles, but staying with the same brand. This means the vehicle harness sometimes doesn't need changing. It would be silly to send the whole box back to us if you didn't need to change the harness. So, why not let us remotely change the tuning file on the box, using our Bluetooth App. Our technicians are able to remotely access the tuning box and carry out several remote access health checks anyway! So not to worry about your box being fit and healthy!