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September Car of the Month - Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 2.9 Twin Turbo

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 2.9 Twin Turbo with CRTD4 Quad Channel Petrol Tuning Box.

With our CRTD4 Quad Channel Petrol Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 503 to 583 HP
Torque was increased from 600 to 786 NM

Each month we award "Car of the Month" to one of the most exciting vehicle's we tune. This month is no exception - the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio bought a touch of magic to the TDI-Tuning offices and owner Roberto had all the passion you'd expect from the owner of this full-blooded Italian saloon.

The Giulia is putting out 503 BHP as standard which is already BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 territory. The goal for TDI-Tuning was to elevate the engine further, maximising power and driving enjoyment. The TDI-Tuning system unlocks a further 80 BHP taking the car to 583 BHP putting emphasis on increasing power in the low revs, injecting even more life into the drive. The “What Car car of the year 2018” title was claimed by this car earlier in the month with their editor effusing "a great example of what a fast car should look like!" We agree Alfa Romeo nailed the styling on this one.

Roberto, the owner, wanted more power but didn’t like the idea of a permanent change to his vehicle which ruled out a traditional remap. As he has been a customer of ours for many years he knew there was a simple solution, a CRTD4 Tuning Box. The latest in traceless chip tuning the CRTD4 delivers the benefits you'd expect from a custom remap without making a permanent change to the engine. A simple plug & play system that makes installation and removal a breeze whilst the custom maps unlock maximum safe power from your engine. The tuning box harmonises with even the most technologically advanced vehicle and this Alfa Romeo was a fantastic example of what can be achieved from a sophisticated engine. 

Alfa Romeo are renowned for producing cars that connect the wheel to the road, perfectly syncing driver and car. The Giulia Quadrifoglio is one of the finest examples of this personality, long associated with the brand, cultivated over years of producing performance vehicles. Deriving parts from Ferrari, it's the type of engine many may think could not be improved. The TDI-Tuning tuning box improves performance by removing the restrictions placed on the engine by the manufacturer for a number of non-performance related reasons. TDI-Tuning let the Alfa Romeo perform to the levels the engineers originally planned. 


Speaking to Roberto once he got the chance to drive it, he said that if you don't treat this car with respect you will end up in a ditch. The handling is phenomenal, it grips the road beautifully but the extra horsepower keeps you on your toes. The TDI-Tuning camera team left the car with grins on their faces as Roberto put the car through its paces. The traceless performance increase means that this shiny new 67 plate will be unaffected if there are any warranty claims & Roberto has full confidence he can temporarily remove the system before his next service. 


Watch out BMW & Mercedes, this Alfa Romeo has a little extra in the tank!


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