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August Car of the Month - Mercedes AMG C43

mercedes chip tuning

Mercedes AMG C43 with CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning System.

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 395 BHP to 454 BHP 
Torque was increased from 520 NM to 582 NM

This month we are taking a closer look at the spectacular Mercedes C43 AMG. Although there is a more powerful, slightly crazy model that sits above it in the pecking order, we think this one is actually better! Read on to find out why…

chip tuned tdi tuning box on mercedes

So what makes the C43 better than the C63? Before we continue to state our claims, one thing needs clearing up. If you want a mega-fast, dominant, track monster - the C63 is going to be the car for you. But what if you want something that isn’t going to try and kill you every time you even think about the throttle? You wouldn’t be blamed if you wanted a toned-down version of an absolute animal. Because that toned-down version is still going to be pretty psycho. It’s more than enough for the roads of the UK. It is pretty extravagant, after all it is an AMG Merc.

AMG car tuning

The owner of this C43 has owned it since new. In his words – “The car is still putting a massive smile on my face, but I am getting used to the power now”. The 17 plate Mercedes still has another year’s worth of manufacturer warranty left to run. So any performance increase had to be traceless. But how could a traceless performance increase be achievable? Simple, the TDI-Tuning box. Who would have thought that the company writing this article also has the answer to traceless performance increases? What are the chances…

Mercedes tdi tuning

More about the power increase now. Did we mention it was a traceless performance increase? An additional 59 BHP and 62 NM of torque. The TDI-Tuning box takes the Mercedes to 454 BHP! Needless to say, the owner of this one didn’t just add to the power output, his smile also grew even larger that it was before! The TDI-Tuning box optimizes the cars overall performance. Storing the map file on a secondary device (The Tuning box) means the tune remains traceless. No overwriting the ECU. The on-board manufacturer safety settings stored within the ECU are still working, as we do not interfere with them at all! This means we are able to achieve a massive power increase, with no risk to your engine or components whatsoever. It’s the obvious choice!