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February Car of the Month - BMW 330e


BMW 330e (G20) With A CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 288 to 354 BHP
Torque was increased from 420 to 483 NM 


The BMW 330e, the car that pleases everyone, almost.

Is there a vehicle that pleases eco warriors and petrol heads at the same time? We think there is. It comes in the form of a BMW 330e. This Petrol/Electric vehicle ticks all the boxes. It’s fast, it looks great, and, its green! Well this one is Orange. Read on to find out exactly why we have chosen this vehicle as our Car of the Month.

What’s powering the BMW 330e?

This 330e pictured is a revolutionary vehicle that boasts some incredible performance figures. A four-cylinder Petrol engine stolen from the 320i is the main source of power for the vehicle. With all power being delivered to the rear wheels. The refined 2.0 turbocharged engine is also backed up by a 12kWh battery. Making it a PHEV (Plug in electric hybrid vehicle). Our customers have told us there is a major issue in the way PHEV’s function. A serious flaw in the way the vehicle functions. It’s not just the BMW 330e either. What is this problem we speak of? Read on to find out…

hybrid bmw tuning

How much do you know about PHEV?

Depending on your knowledge of electric and hybrid vehicles you might already know the following information. But for the people who do not, let’s recap. All PHEV’s can be charged by using a wall mounted charger or a plug socket (depending on the type of connections it has). This means the electric juice can “run out”. Although it will recharge itself under normal driving circumstances, but never fully charge. Some energy can be regenerated through braking, some can also be regenerated by coasting. If you are familiar with KERS (Kinetic energy recovery system) from Formula 1, some electric cars even have this!

bmw 330e chip tuning

What’s the problem?

The majority of them have three modes made available to the driver. One is FULL electric, this means the internal combustion engine is merely a passenger, no Petrol is used at all. One is Hybrid, this means the vehicle intelligently picks what power source to use at any given moment. A mixture of Petrol and Electric. The last mode, arguably, the fun mode, is using both Petrol and Electric to power the driven wheels at the same time. It is in this “Fun mode” that this BMW 330e can produce it’s maximum BHP. 288 BHP to be exact. The issue arises when you run out of electric power and you have to rely on old fashioned petrol power. The electric motor makes up for a significant amount of the total vehicle power in most hybrid vehicles. All of the performance figures are based on using the petrol and electric motors combined at full power. Unfortunately, once that electronic juice has run out your engine is down on power. So, what can be done to recoup some of the power lost? You can’t just magically create power…Right?

What’s the solution?

The TDI-Tuning box can solve the issue with electric vehicles everywhere! If you own or drive a PHEV then you will inevitably run low on charge at some point. At this point in time you’re going to notice the lack of power when that electric motor stops working. Electric vehicles are known for delivering torque instantly. There is no delay. So long as there are ample levels of traction, that torque can be felt with no hesitation. So long as you have some electric left. Once it’s gone, you’re going to notice the difference. Have no fear, there’s a solution. The bespoke tuning file we have for the 330e produces an additional 66bhp & 65nm of Torque. This means once the electric does inevitably run out, you can rely on your Petrol engine to maintain high levels of power and torque. This additional power is delivered across the entire rev range, even low down where the electric motor once worked magic. So now you can enjoy the “EtraBoost” mode in the 330e (The Petrol & Electric motor working together) without any care in the world. Once that electric runs out you will still have a far superior power output than you would have without the TDI-Tuning box.

chip tuning hybrid cars

So, what now?

Total registrations for hybrid/electric vehicle sales went from 3,586 in 2013 to 59,991 in 2018. (From Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders). We are all for hybrid vehicles, in fact, we love them! It is a step in the right direction in terms of sustainability. The future. More and more Hybrids grace the UK’s roads every single day. If you want to be ready for the revolution, then the perfect time to get your hands on a TDI-Tuning box is right now! Buy one for your ancient Petrol or Diesel vehicle and we can reprogram it when you want to achieve more power from your Hybrid!

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