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From Tragedy to Triumph: How One Man Honours His Late Wife with a Tuned Mitsubishi Eclipse

Customer experiences - Douglas’ story

In this article, find out why Douglas, from Irving, USA, tuned his Mitsubishi Eclipse with TDI-Tuning. A true testament to how a car, can mean so much more than just getting from A to B.

How did Douglas hear about the TDI-Tuning Box?

You might be wondering, how does someone living in the United States even hear about a tuning box company in the UK? TDI-Tuning was founded in the UK in 2004, and back then, we predominantly sold to the UK market. Over time, our products have become more versatile, and, our logistical operations enable us to ship worldwide. Our online presence grows year-on-year and because our Tuning Boxes are easy plug & play installs we can support our customers directly, all over the world. Like many of you, Douglas heard about TDI-Tuning on an online forum and immediately got in touch!

I first heard of your product on the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross owner’s forum from a fellow owner review on there who had nothing but praises for his recent investment.

Why is car tuning so important?

Manufacturers don’t tune cars for optimal performance and fuel efficiency. They are tuned for a variety of reasons: Taxation, compatibility, environmental, regional and legal. This means there’s always more power waiting, ready to be unlocked.

It reintroduces the fun back into the Eclipse Cross. Mitsubishi got really close, but missed what other manufacturers were getting right straight off the assembly line. Raw, tap-able, on-demand power

All manufacturers must conform to certain regulations to sell to specific regions. This means that the car you receive off the production line is dumbed down and de-tuned. It’s holding back! This is why TDI-Tuning Boxes are so important to getting the most out of your engine.

Douglas has installed the TDI-Tuning Box, what does he think of it?

Fast-forward a week, Douglas had already installed his brand-new TDI-Tuning Box onto his Mitsubishi Eclipse. So, how did he get on with the install, and what does he think of his Mitsubishi now?

The 15 minutes it took me to install was worth every minute. The switchable Bluetooth connectivity clearly makes it a box worthwhile if you are simply looking for HP to tow with, or just better fuel mileage in your daily drive. Or, for that occasion you want to embarrass that person who spent $20k more than you for an SUV that you just left dumbfounded at the stop light

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Why has Douglas tuned this car?

In the interest of not mincing words, the following extract has been taken from direct email-correspondence with Douglas:

I wanted to replace my Mitsubishi Outlander Sport – It had just had the catalytic converter stolen, so, I wanted to replace it with a vehicle that was designed to make it (The Catalytic converter) harder to get to. The dealership had just taken delivery of a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 20 minutes before my initial inquiry. My wife and I test drove the vehicle and she fell in love with it in the June of 2021.

My wife actually came up with some excellent ideas for modifying the car. Including; blacking out all the chrome trim, a subwoofer to enhance the audio system and mood lights and Mitsubishi branded puddle lights. Unfortunately, during this time, she began to fight for her life. While she was in hospital receiving treatment, I would take pictures of the work and show her when I visited. She tragically lost her battle 27.07.2022. I lost the one thing I loved most in my 62-year life.

She only got to drive the car once, but, once the dust settled, I wanted to create the car she had envisaged. I wanted to make the car a tribute to her. Although I’ll never be done with it, it’s as close to what she had envisioned it to be today. I have since modified the car even more:

  • HKS exhaust system
  • Custom interior by Roadwire custom interiors
  • Carbon fibre caps throughout the interior

I also want to add a tuned cold air intake and drilled/slotted rotors

Brenda K Fifer 30/04/1965 – 27/07/2022

We are truly sorry to hear this Douglas. Using the car as a homage to your late wife is a fantastic idea. Her memory will live on with your Mitsubishi Eclipse.

It goes to show how cars, are much more than just… cars. We know at TDI-Tuning that cars can have a huge emotional impact. How they make you feel when you drive them, look at them, and even think about them! Everybody has a reason to be connected to a car in some way. We would like to thank Douglas for sharing his story and wish him the best with his Mitsubishi Eclipse.

If you want to see some more photos of his car, take a look below!

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