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How easy is it to install a TDI-Tuning Box yourself?

Installing a TDI-Tuning Box: The plug and play tuning solution

When any company makes a claim like "It's so easy to install, anyone could do it". There will always be some doubt behind the truth of the statement. We stand by our claims that our tuning box is a plug and play tuning solution. This means, you can install our tuning box with ease in UNDER half an hour in most circumstances.

But, that's enough of what we claim. How about what our customers say? TDI-Tuning conducted a survey on 580 recent customers to find out just how easy our Tuning Boxes were to install. We also wanted to understand which communication channels our customers liked best and whether they found our UK technical team helpful. Here’s the results.

Question 1: Did you install the TDI-Tuning Box yourself?

A very simple question, with a very simple answer. Yes or no. The most common answer was yes. In fact, 87% of people who bought a tuning box from us, install it themselves. This is because the TDI-Tuning Box is VERY easy to install in most circumstances. It is also important to note, barely any of our customers are mechanically minded individuals with any previous experience. We understand that installing anything to your vehicle can sometimes be a scary thing to undertake. There will be many questions floating around your head. What if I break something? What if something goes wrong? TDI-Tuning are here to help. We want you to enjoy the TDI-Tuning experience from start to finish, this includes installing your TDI-Tuning Box.

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Question 2: How easy is it to install a TDI-Tuning Box?

Another simple question, with another simple answer. How easy is it then? The TDI-Tuning Box can be programmed for over 6000 vehicle variants. That’s a lot of engines. These engines provide our customers with different difficulty levels of install. A TDI-Tuning Box works by optimising engine sensor readings, these engine sensors are put in different places by different manufactures. The good news is that ALL of our TDI-Tuning Boxes come with detailed and annotated instructions to help you find these sensors. Most of the time, the sensors we use are very easy to find. How easy to find are they though? And, how easy is it to install a TDI-Tuning Box from start to finish? This is the exact question we asked TDI-Tuning customers.

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Question 3: Did you seek assistance from the TDI-Tuning technical team?

Asking our team for help is the first step to take if you are struggling to install your TDI-Tuning Box. Or, even if you don’t feel comfortable starting your install. Don't forget, our team program these boxes for over 6000 variants. All these variants have bespoke installation instructions for your exact vehicle. If anyone knows about the install, it's our technical team. They write and design all our instructions. It’s not just the TDI-Tuning technical team that are on hand to help either.

The entire TDI-Tuning team are available to help. You can contact us in whatever way works best for you. You do not have to feel nervous about asking for help. A lot of our customers choose to email us, this way you can take some photos of exactly what you are finding difficult. Our technical team can then annotate your photos and point you in the right direction. If you would like a more instant help, then give us a call. You will be able to speak with a TDI-Tuning technical team member, they can guide you through the process. If you didn't want to call or email, you can also message us via our Live Chat on our website, and, on our social media channels. Including Facebook, Instagram, and even Youtube. We want you to know that we are only on the other end of these contact methods. If you don't tell us about the difficulties you are facing, then we cannot help you! We want to know! Now you are aware of all the ways you can contact us at TDI-Tuning, how do you think our current customers choose to?

If you need help with a TDI-Tuning install, or, if you just have some questions about the product, please get in touch with our team today. We can't help unless you let us!

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