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How TDI-Tuning Make a Map - The First 2020 Hilux Tuning System in the world

Toyota hilux chip tuning

TDI-Tuning research and development: The journey of the Toyota Hilux

This month we take a look at the process of developing a TDI-Tuning box for a new engine configuration. This Toyota Hilux 2.4 produces 148 BHP. The same as the previous engine. But, that is where the similarities stop, as the new engine has had a massive overhaul. Take a deeper look into exactly what goes on when we develop a new system, read on to find out more...

Chip tuning toyota

Technical inspection: Stage one

The first step in developing a new tuning file for a new Make/Model/Engine? Carry out a physical inspection of the vehicle at our headquarters. This enables our technicians to determine what sensors we will optimise. Upon inspection, the TDI-Tuning technical team were able to see several changes. This Toyota engine now runs "Denso GS4 injectors”. There are several benefits from using state of the art injectors like these ones. Optimum fuel pressure, injection quantity precision, and, a longer lifespan. The main point our technicians noted is the fact that they are consistent and precise. As this engine utilises an advanced form of fuel injection, it needed an advanced tuning solution.

Hilux chip tuning

Implementation and testing: Stage two

Once the hardware and software development stage are complete, stage two of the testing commences. The Toyota will now undergo several road tests to ensure the TDI-Tuning Box runs as it should. The Toyota needs a more thorough test than the likes of regular road vehicles. It's a 4x4 truck. So, it needs to be able to handle everything driving off road entails. This means taking the TDI-Tuned Toyota to it's natural habitat. On the farm, off road. During these controlled tests our technical team adjust and refine the driving experience. The vehicle gets monitored for any discrepancies & anomalies. The vehicle and the TDI-Tuning box are set up with unparalleled precision. Conducting tests on each of the 7 power profiles available with a TDI-Tuning box. Once the off-road testing is complete, the vehicle will then tested even further. Towing and high-speed tests can begin both off road an on the roads.

toyota tdi tuning chip tuning

Dyno testing: Stage three

Once the road tests are complete and the technicians are happy with the results, it's time to move on to the dyno. This is where we push the vehicle to the limit, and check how much power we have gained from the TDI-Tuning Box. The Toyota Hilux 2.4 is still under development. But rest assured, they will be some serious power gains. It is testament to the many hours spent to develop the map files, the road testing, and the final dyno test. This Toyota now has more pulling power, more low-down grunt, and more top end speed. Best of all, now all the hard work is complete, you can install the same TDI-Tuning Box and enjoy the incredible power gains too!

toyota dyno tuning

Map files released: Stage four

Once the vehicle has returned from the dyno day, we perform some more road testing. The final step is putting the vehicle on the website, so all our customers can enjoy the same performance gains. All the map files we produce for vehicles go through the same process of rigorous testing and development. Adhering to these strict guidelines ensure our products are the best in the market! A robust and safe tuning solution for over 6000 vehicle makes/models. The owner of this Toyota Hilux will be using the vehicle for towing and farm work. As the vehicle has already undergone testing in that exact environment, we know it won’t let him down!

toyota tuning

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