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March Car of the Month - Audi TT

Audi TT

Tuning The Audi TT

We’ve had a steady stream of incredible vehicles coming to our Chelmsford HQ for a free fitting this month, despite the tumultuous weather! Choosing a car of the month was no easy task but this TTs does tend to stick in the mind.

The owner of this one put his Quattro system to good use and tackled the beast from the east to get his hands on the CRTD4 tuning system. The CRTD4 system increases power and torque whilst smoothing out power delivery, creating a more responsive driving experience.


Audi TT


Installation is a quick job and doesn’t require any technical knowledge, however our expert tech team are always on hand to assist and answer any questions you may have.

Once installed the TT pulls hard throughout the rev range, even more so than it did before.

The main feature of the CRTD4 however is the fact that it does not make any permanent modifications to the vehicle. The ECU is left un-besmirched so removing the CRTD4 will return the TT back to its original condition. This keeps your warranty in-tact and ensures reliability as the engine is always controlled within its original safety parameters.


With our CRTD4 QUINT Channel Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 306 to 367 Bhp
Torque was increased from 380 to 445 Nm


Audi TT


The CRTD4 revolutionises your driving experience and offers great gains without making any permanent modifications.

Should you need to change or sell your vehicle your CRTD4 tuning system can be reprogrammed to fit your latest acquisition.

For now though this customer can enjoy the gains achieved from his CRTD4 tuning system.

Audi TT

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