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May Car of the Month - Volkswagen Golf GTI

volkswagen chip tuning

Volkswagen Golf GTI With A CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 217 to 267 BHP
Torque was increased from 350 to 420 NM 

This month we take a closer look at the Volkswagen Golf GTI. The gold standard of what a practical hot-hatch should be. 4-5 Adults can ride in relative comfort thanks to the boxy design of the GTI. You can also get where you want to go in a spritely manner, thanks to the 2.0 turbocharged engine. So, does it lack anything? Is there something missing? Read on to find out...

vw golf tdi-tuning

The unmistakeable hot hatch. Perfect in every way (almost).

The iconic styling of the VW Golf GTI make it stand out more than anything else. Specifically, the signature red pinstripe that runs through the front bumper and into the headlights. It has become a distinguishing mark that still continues to this day. It really is impossible to miss a GTI coming your way. The same 2.0 turbocharged block that powers the vast amount of Golf GTI's, also powers this one. This car has become the "Go-to" car of the hot-hatch range. So if it's a favourite, why is there such a vast array of aftermarket tuning options? Along with a huge range of aesthetic modifications? The reason that there is a plethora of aftermarket choices is because the Golf is so popular. It has become so mainstream that if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to adjust the design or engine. It so recognisable, but does that make it boring? Is it missing something? Is there something that can make your Golf, or any car for that matter, stand out from the crowd?

tuning volkswagen

What small modification can completely transform the engine, without a complicated install? Without years of mechanical knowledge?

Giving your car the edge, or a finishing touch is something that many car enthusiasts enjoy. It's something that makes your own vehicle unique. Some go for expensive engine modifications, others may be content with fluffy dice! Where would you place yourself on this scale? No matter where you put yourself, there is a simple, but powerful modification for you. The TDI-Tuning box. An easy to install plug and play device that connects to your engine sensors. Adding power has never been easier! This GTI has more power, and more torque. With the increased 50 BHP and 70 NM of torque at it's disposal, this VW Golf GTI is different from the rest. It may look the same on the exterior, but the engine now produces a healthy 267 BHP. Even though it appears standard, it's not! 

golf tuning

What about my warranty? What happens when I change cars?

Once the TDI-Tuning box is removed it does not leave a digital or physical trace. This means it is warranty safe. When your car goes back in for regular servicing or warranty work you just need to unclip it, and the car is back to standard. This makes it the ideal modification for people who lease their cars, or for people who own a car within the manufacturers warranty. Once your lease is up, or if you want to change your car, just unclip the tuning box and send it back to us and we can reprogram it for your next car. This means the power gains are transferable! Once you invest in a TDI-Tuning box you have the power increase for life! With a 5 year comprehensive warranty you are also covered should anything go wrong! It's a no-brainer!  


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