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November Car of the Month - Jeep Trackhawk

Jeep chip tuning

Jeep Trackhawk 6.2 Supercharged V8 With CRTD4 Triple Channel Petrol Tuning System

With our CRTD4 Triple Channel Petrol Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 707 to 771 BHP
Torque was increased from 875 to 954 NM 

This month we have something special in store for our Car of the Month. It comes in the form of the world’s fastest SUV. The Jeep Trackhawk.

So, it’s the world’s fastest SUV, why on earth would it need any more power? Well, why not? Here at TDI-Tuning we felt that if anyone was going to give it an additional boost in power, it should be us. Several remapping companies have spoken to us and stipulated that the ECU is locked down in the Jeep. This means that it is virtually impossible to remap. Thankfully, as the TDI-Tuning box does not rewrite the ECU, we are able to give it the boost in power it deserves.

Trackhawk tuning

Let’s begin by talking about the monstrous engine that powers this beast. It’s a 6.2 litre Supercharged V8. The same engine that is found in the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The engine produces 707bhp as standard, along with 875nm of Torque. It is, by far, the fastest and most powerful machine that Jeep have ever released. The supercharger also has a party trick that it uses in conjunction with launch control. By pre-positioning the bypass valve, it stores up torque that can release at the desired moment. It saves up all its supercharger goodness, what a thoughtful thing to do! It actually utilises a supercharger that previously featured in the Dodge Charger. If anyone is familiar with the type of performance cars Dodge release, they are not your run of the mill family wagons. Quite the contrary. It has the recipe for a formidable amount of power. How does it cope when putting all that power and torque onto the road? In short, it copes easily. The weight of the Trackhawk (2.5 tonnes) helps to a degree. On top of that, it has a 4wd system in place to keep traction, and ultimately keep the beast on the road. 60mph comes along in a brief 3.5 seconds, and the soundtrack to go with it is truly glorious! We really can’t stress this enough, the sound this thing generates may be obnoxious, but it leaves you craving more. If you don’t want to wake your neighbours up every morning then there is a more civilised Eco and Normal mode. Put it into Eco and it becomes very ordinary, it wouldn’t look or sound out of place on the school run. We didn’t spend too much time in ‘Eco’ or ‘Normal’. The majority of our testing took place with the Trackhawk in the aptly named, ‘Track’ mode. This is where the full 707bhp can be unleashed. Once we had determined the map configuration that we were going to load on to our CRTD4 tuning box, we had a problem. How would we test out this savage SUV out on the road? Read on to find out how we put the Trackhawk to the test (Sometimes, the most conventional way to test something isn’t always the best way)

Jeep chip tuning

When it came to testing out this Trackhawk against another car, we thought long and hard about the competition. How about a Range Rover Sport SVR? The ultimate Range Rover to buy if you want brute speed and acceleration. A 5.0 Supercharged engine producing 576bhp. But there is a problem, it is 140bhp shy of the Trackhawk. It wouldn’t be a fair test! After much consideration we concluded that there was only one car we wanted to put our Trackhawk up against. Cue Ricky, creator and owner of the Youtube channel ‘Living Life Fast’. Owner of the bewilderingly powerful ‘Bronzo Zenas’ BMW M4 (720bhp). On first impression, it doesn’t sound like a fair test, but delve into the nitty-gritty, and it becomes clear.

The M4 has one big advantage over the Trackhawk, it’s weight. But there is one thing that the M4 doesn’t have, and that’s 4WD. It was shaping up to be an exhilarating match up, but who would come out on top? Could the Jeep Trackhawk really outperform a heavily modified BMW M4?  The final chase proved to be as close as we had anticipated, the Trackhawk was snarling at the M4’s rear bumper. The 4wd system equipped to the Jeep enabled comfortable cornering speeds and the ability to throw down humongous amounts of torque instantly. It proved to be a very ‘gripping’ car chase.

BMW M4 chip tuning

After spending the day testing out the Trackhawk our technical team were thrilled to release the performance figures. The Jeep handled the additional power with chaotic precision. 64 more BHP meant the Trackhawk was now utilising all the available engine power. An additional 79NM of torque meant some serious acceleration improvements. The owner of this Trackhawk was thrilled with the additional power. The traceless TDI-Tuning box was able to add staggering amounts of power. The world’s fastest SUV was now even faster thanks to the TDI-Tuning CRTD4.

We would like to thank Ricky from Living Life Fast for joining us for the day. It was a pleasure to have such a highly respected figure back at TDI-Tuning. We would also like to extend our gratitude towards the cameraman in the back of the SVR. It wouldn’t have been easy to get steady shots in the back of that beast! Hopefully he can recover from the rollercoaster ride provided by Ricky.