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October Car of the Month - Ford Ranger

Ford ranger chip tuning

Ford Ranger 2.2 with CRTD4 Triple Channel Diesel Tuning System

With our CRTD4 Triple Channel Diesel Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 148 to 195 BHP
Torque was increased from 375 to 458 NM 

The Ford Ranger is the king of the pick-ups. It has been the best-selling pick-up in the UK for 2016, 2017, and 2018 and there is a very good reason for this, it’s brilliant. The owner of this Ford Ranger 2.2 148 BHP version said it ticks every single box. But what boxes are being ticked? What is it about the Ford Ranger that made it the most registered pick-up in the UK for the last 3 years!? We take a closer look at the Ranger in Octobers Car of the Month and consider, just how you improve perfection, read on to find out...

chip tuned ford ranger

Before we begin, who doesn't love a pick-up? There is something alluring about them to say the least. It could be the ride height, looking down on everybody else on the road, a dominating position to be in. It could be their versatile ability as a rugged family car with 5 seats. Whatever it comes down to the point remains, they’re an engaging proposition. The 148bhp 2.2 litre four-cylinder diesel engine in this Ranger is quiet and civilised. It doesn't generate anywhere near the same noise as the 3.2, which sounds pretty noisy even on idle. The 3.2 does generate more power than the 2.2 148bhp equivalent, that’s obvious, but how does tuning affect these two similar vehicles?

ford ranger tuning

Let us talk hypothetically for a second. If you had a choice between two identical cars, they look the same, drive the same. But one costs more, which one do you pick? Well unless you are a little bit silly then you are obviously going to pick the cheaper one, right? This is exactly the case with the Ford Ranger 2.2 (148bhp). The 2.2 has a quieter engine and costs a lot less. It's also cheaper to run, tax, and insure. The only potential deciding factor differentiating the two is the power difference. This is where TDI-Tuning come in. With a TDI-Tuning box you can unlock 47bhp and 83nm more from the 2.2ltr engine. This puts it 2bhp and 12nm behind the 3.2 engine. Negligible amounts, you aren't going to notice the difference on the road. This 2.2 ranger now closely matches the power ability of the 3.2 with a simple plug and play solution. That's not the only benefit either, there are plenty more benefits the TDI-Tuning box has up it's sleeve.

ford ranger engine tuning

The Ford Ranger possesses some serious off-road capabilities – it’s not one to mess with. Taking it off the road and onto the fields of the Essex countryside is almost a seamless transition. The reason the TDI-Tuning box works so well in off road environments as well as on the road? The delivery method of the power. Our technicians achieve optimal power delivery in a linear fashion. Power is available when you need it. A necessity when navigating off-road terrain. This makes the TDI-Tuning box the perfect power companion in every situation. Normally, this type of power delivery is only found in the form of a conventional remap. Thankfully the TDI-Tuning box is here to provide a traceless alternative.

ford ranger engine tuning

So the TDI-Tuning box is traceless. It increases engine power and torque. It closes the gap on higher powered models released by the same manufacturer. What else does it do? It also holds 7 map variations on one tuning box. That are selectable from the TDI-Tuning app. So, if you are going to be travelling to a job, before you set off grab your phone and adjust the mode. No need for that massive power boost for some motorway driving. Once you get on site you can switch it back to enjoy the extra power again. It's that simple. What about when you change your Ford Ranger because the lease is up?

Ford ranger bluetooth tuning

What about the TDI-Tuning box you paid for when you want / need to change your car? Not to worry, as the TDI-Tuning box has one more trick up it's sleeve. It's reprogrammable and works on 95% of turbo vehicles. Both petrol, diesel and hybrid. It has all the bases covered. You can keep the power increase on your next vehicle.

Earlier we stated that the Ford Ranger ticks all the boxes. But what if it needs one more box to perform to it's true potential. The TDI-Tuning box.