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October Car of the Month - Jaguar XE R-Sport D

Tuning the Jaguar XE R-Sport

We see a lot of prestigious cars here at TDI-Tuning HQ but we had a vehicle from one of our favourite manufacturers in the workshop this month- a Jaguar XE R-Sport. Jaguar are a classic British brand with an incredible racing heritage. We love their innovation and the combination of luxury and performance. With those 17” Black rims and red paint scheme the owner of this particular Jag obviously has an eye for style, so can TDI- Tuning add a little more performance?

Starting with one of our CRTD 4 boxes we load up our software specifically designed for the XE R-Sport to unlock its true potential, whilst remaining within its regular safety and operational parameters. Also, the system can simply be removed at any time returning the car to its basic state.


The customer told us that he uses the car for sensible city commuting during the week but likes to drive for pleasure around country roads on the weekend. With 7 custom programmable settings our technicians set up his CRTD 4 box to suit his individual needs, allowing him to choose a smoother more fuel efficient setup for his daily commute or an all-out performance setting that wrings as much natural power from the engine as possible. After installation the customer and one of our technicians turned the box all the way up and went for a test drive!

With our CRTD4 TWIN-Channel Tuning Box installed:- 
Power is increased from 177 to 234 BHP
Torque is increased from 428 to 509 NM
Fuel efficiency is increased by up to 20%


Immediately noticeable to the customer was an increase in throttle response and a reduction in turbo lag. The car felt livelier, sharper, and even sounded throatier. After easily reducing the settings to the lowest level the car still felt sharper than standard, but was optimised for fuel efficiency and a smoother delivery of available torque.

With a new BHP of 234, an extra 60 lb-ft of Torque, and a 20% increase in fuel efficiency the owner of this Jag has driven away very happy. Thanks to him for bringing in his pride and joy and here’s to many years of happier motoring.