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October Car of the Month - Mercedes-Benz SL400


Mercedes-Benz SL400 CRTD4 Multi Channel Tuning System.

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 362 BHP to 424 BHP 
Torque was increased from 384 LB/FT to 430 LB/FT


The Mercedes SL400 looks the part – no one would be surprised to see the sleek Mercedes, with a great engine note, purring past them. The V6 engine sounds particularly good when approaching the red line, housed in the traditional cruiser body Mercedes excel at styling.

This model sits in the middle of the Mercedes SL range, with the SL450 and the SL63 coming in just above it. The Mercedes SL400 is still capable of picking off most everyday cars found on the road in Britain but it doesn’t quite have the power of its bigger brothers.

The TDI-Tuning plug & play tuning system is custom to the exact engine variant and when plugged into the SL400 it makes all the difference, closing the gap to the other models in the range. The unique map, designed for the SL400, means the BHP climbs 62BHP to a peak of 424BHP. The extra 62 horses unleash a burst of power, giving this car the performance more akin to the SL450 or SL63.

Designing and building market leading tuning boxes has been TDI-Tuning’s mission for more than a decade. Unlocking the full potential of fantastic cars that are artificially limited by the manufacturer is a reward we never get tired of receiving.  The system on the Mercedes SL400 is no exception. A system unique to that one make/model, and the personalised feel shines through when driven.

The manufacturer’s warranty also remains intact as the TDI-Tuning system is traceless once removed. Prestige vehicle owners choose TDI-Tuning because they know their car can be returned to stock condition at any time, a key consideration for this customer.


The styling and performance ensure that anyone who drives this car feels special. The hunkered down driving position makes you feel at one with the car. Premium and performance now go hand in hand, the SL400 ticks all the boxes.

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