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What 0-60 MPH difference does a TDI-Tuning Box make?

0-60 times are a delicate matter. So many variables come into play when determining a 0-60 time. The weather. Weight in the vehicle. Service history. Type & quality of fuel. Quality of tyres. On top of that, hitting the 0-60 times that manufacturers state, can be difficult. But, we are dodging the question here, what difference does a TDI-Tuning Box make. In this case, what difference to a Seat Ateca 2.0 litre 148 BHP does a TDI-Tuning Box make? As we have mentioned, we don't state cold-hard figures for 0-60 times on our website. One thing we are happy to do, is bring to attention our customers personal attempts at shaving them seconds off. Keep on reading to find out how much faster this Seat Ateca becomes, after the short and simple install of a TDI-Tuning Box.

Seat Ateca Front Grill

What is a Seat Ateca?

Being quite a new model, it would be understandable if you didn't know what a Seat Ateca was. Well, it's a spacious and well-equipped family sized SUV that you can also buy with 4-wheel drive. It handles very well considering it's quite a tall car. The Ateca sits 13cm higher than a Seat Leon, so it handles in a similar fashion. With the 4WD system in full force you aren't struggling for traction either. It launches off the line well. It doesn't waste any power wheel-spinning everywhere it goes. It's a very practical, well priced, family car that still packs a bit of a punch. A great car all things considered. It's not what you would call 'fast', but it does pack a surprising punch when you plant your foot down. It feels much faster than it is thanks to the level of grip.

Seat Ateca Rear

0-60 Times before installing the TDI-Tuning Box:

10.49 Seconds. This is the 0-60 time of the Seat Ateca 148 BHP, tested by our customers in the video. It's mentioned that there are items in the car weighing it down, including a baby seat, and a passenger in the car as well! So, it is a touch slower than the standard time that Seat say it can do. Now we have our baseline run, how much faster can it go with the chip-tuning box installed?

0-60 Times after installing the TDI-Tuning Box:

8.49 Second (2 Seconds faster). Now before people start getting critical. Our customers have tested this, we did not ask them to, and we have not paid them to either. It's the same road, in the same conditions, with only ONE difference, the TDI-Tuning Box. We have featured the 'Dragy GPS' in videos before. This is the device our customers have chosen to measure the times. It is a widely known GPS speed tracker. The same Seat Ateca, did the same stretch of road, 2 seconds faster than the standard run. A massive improvement after a short and simple install.

Seat Ateca 0-60 Times

How is it 2 seconds faster because of the TDI-Tuning box?

The box installed on this Seat Ateca increases the performance of the engine by optimising engine sensors. Three engine sensors to be exact. The boost pressure sensor, controlling the turbocharger. The fuel sensor, controlling the amount of fuel delivered to the engine. Finally, the CAM sensor, dictating when, and how much power is released at any given time. It's these three engine sensor optimisations that generate the extra 2 seconds in the 0-60 speed test for this Seat Ateca.

You can watch the video below:



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