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The First Mazda 2 Tuning Box System

The Mazda 2 or Demio, as it's known in many countries, is a supermini manufactured and marketed by Mazda since 1996 and currently in its fourth generation. Whilst possibly seen as just a small run-around the third generation of the motor was awarded 'Car Of The Year' title in 2008 and in 2015 the fourth generation was awarded 'Japanese Car Of The Year' an estimable award from a marketplace renowned for its respect for quality craftsmanship and highly discerning consumers.

Time To Tune The Mazda 2 Supermini

Mazda 2 SkyActiv With Bonnet Up

TDI-Tuning provide tuning solutions for over 6000+ engine variants for a range of manufacturer vehicles but had yet to provide one for the Mazda 2, however, following growing interest from our Japanese customer base, we worked with our official Japanese dealer M-Flow Tuning to begin the RnD work required to create a tuning solution for this great little motor.

Based on our outstanding reputation for product quality and performance results on many other vehicles in the Japan region there were many Mazda 2 owners lining up to volunteer to help with the development work required for us to build the software that would run our tuning box system, this is entirely custom software built for the Mazda 2 that ensures the maximum possible Power and Torque gains whilst ensuring safe engine operation and compatibility.

Developing & Testing The Mazda 2 Tuning System

Mazda 2 Tuning Box Connection Plug

With no short supply of Mazda 2 vehicles available to help us develop our Mazda 2 Tuning Box System the next challenge was to develop a custom harness to connect our system to the engine sensors that would feed our system with critical engine data that would allow it to modify that data, second by second, to reprogram power and torque delivery leading to increased performance and redefining the performance profile of the vehicle.

Following a lengthy, but successful, search for the components required to build the custom harness connection we were now ready to begin taking readings from the engine sensors on a live test drive, essentially mapping the engine performance across the gear ranges to record power and torque output against RPM. Using this data we can then begin to build a new performance profile for the vehicle, eliminating flat spots and increasing power and torque where most needed.

Custom Tuning For The Best Results

Mazda 2 SkyActiv Mapping

Unlike a large number of other tuning box providers TDI-Tuning create custom map software for every single engine variant our systems are to be used on. This means the results achieved for the Mazda 2 are the best they can be both in terms of performance and in safe engine operation.

Building a high performance tuning map requires expert knowledge in tuning backed up by years of experience and here at TDI-Tuning we've been tuning vehicles for over 10+ years including commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and more. Once we've developed our tuning map it's time to test the results and verify performance, that's where dynamometer testing comes in.

DYNO Testing The Mazda 2 Tuning Box System

Mazda 2 SkyActiv On Dynamometer

With our system developed and almost ready to release to the waiting marketplace the last step is one of the most important. Although we know from experience, and the engine data we receive after installation what vehicle performance will now be, it is important to verify the results on a Dynamometer, otherwise known as a 'rolling road'. A Dynamometer measures physical power and torque output and is the best way to verify the results of tuning for an engine.

For the Mazda 2 1.5 SkyActiv-D we took its standard maximum possible power from 105 PS, PS being metric BHP, up to 139 PS which was an impressive increase of approximately 35%. Torque was increased from 220 NM maximum output up to 277 NM, again an impressive increase of 26%. Whilst many people focus on the power increase for a Diesel vehicle torque gains are equally important, if not more so, when it comes to improving vehicle performance with more torque helping greatly with pull-aways and overall vehicle responsiveness.

Results Of Tuning The Mazda 2

More Mazda 2 Vehicles For Tuning

The owner of the test vehicle couldn't wait to try out his freshly tuned car and straight after the dyno session took it out on the road for some real world testing. Immediately the greater power and torque was felt as well as improvements to early RPM turbo, with the TWIN Channel version of our system also remapping turbo delivery, and the customer couldn't believe the level of improvement to handling and responsiveness, something really noticeable on this little supermini. Once back to our testing area we had two other vehicles lined up to trial the new system.

Whilst we produce tuning systems for new engines monthly it was great to produce a system that our fans in the region were diligently waiting for and to get to meet some of them on our testing day. The system has gone on to sell extremely well in both Japan and here in the UK with every Mazda driver loving the improved performance our system is giving them.


If you would like to know more about our tuning systems whether for the Mazda 2 or one of the over 6000+ engine variants we cater for then get in touch with one of our customer advisors today. They will be happy to advise you on matters such as installation and pricing whilst ensuring you get the best product for your vehicle and engine.

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