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November Car of the Month- Bentley Continental GT 4.0L V8


TDI-Tuning has seen some superb cars this month, so choosing the best wasn’t an easy task. However, even with the weather turning grim there was a particular badge that shone through.

Needing absolutely no introduction the Bentley Continental is synonymous with style and quality. So even with the rain pouring down our expert technicians up in our Manchester fitting centre had a smile on their faces whilst getting their hands on the big 4.0L V8.

The system installed was a TDI-Tuning CRTD4 Quad Channel Petrol tuning system with RPM sensor. The beauty of the CRTD4 (and all TDI-Tuning products) is that it doesn’t make any permanent modifications to the vehicle and does not alter the engines ECU. Instead the system simply receives the engine management signals and processes them with custom engineered software that optimises fuel delivery and turbo activation.


Leaving the ECU in control of engine management and custom engineering software to the specific vehicle means the CRTD4 system operates within the standard engine parameters. This method of tuning generates large potential gains but does not push any component past its usual operating limits.

This Bentley owner chose TDI-Tuning for this exact reason- no-risk tuning, British Innovation, and huge potential gains.


Speaking of gains; this Continental has benefited hugely with an extra 60 BHP discovered and 66 NM of extra torque unlocked, breathing new life into the Bentley. Off-the-line acceleration is markedly improved with a huge increase in responsiveness throughout the rev range. The Continental obviously wasn’t a slow car before, but now with the CRTD4 system in place, this Bentley is singing at its full potential!

With our CRTD4 TWIN-Channel Tuning Box installed:-
Power is increased from 500 to 560 BHP
Torque is increased from 660 to 726 NM

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