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TDI-Tuning: Most popular tuned cars in 2022 by country

The TDI-Tuning Box is easy to install thanks to the detailed instructions we provide with every order. This means if you are in the UK, or anywhere else in the world, you can tune your car with a TDI-Tuning Box. You don't need any previous mechanical knowledge at all! Read on to find out where our bespoke tuning boxes have travelled this year. What do you think the most popular car in your country is?

TDI-Tuning popular cars 2022

1)The Ford Ranger 2.0 litre Bi-Turbo 210 BHP & 3.2 litre 197 BHP

TDI-Tuning tuned 407 Ford Rangers in total in 2022! (1.1 a day). The new 2.0 litre Bi-Turbo engine offers excellent fuel efficiency, improved taxation classes, and, an excellent standard power output to work from. The 3.2 litre engine is commonly coupled with the Wiltrak trim level, so you get serious amounts of kit with it as standard! Both engines were very popular with TDI-Tuning boxes this year. The Ford Ranger is such a versatile vehicle, with our customers using them for commercial, towing, and, every-day driving. If you have a Ford Ranger, we definitely have the tune for you. You can see what our customers are saying about TDI-Tuning Ford Ranger tunes here

2) The BMW 335d X-Drive 309 BHP & 320d 181 BHP

Sticking with the 4WD theme, but moving over to the coupe/convertible vehicle class now, with the BMW 3 series. We tuned over 393 of them in 2022. Predominantly consisting of the 335d X-Drive and the 320d. Both cars offer excellent fuel efficiency and punchy power, especially the 335. These engines are among some of the easiest ones to install a TDI-Tuning Box on. With the 320d taking under 10 minutes from start to finish. It’s easy to install, and provides incredible results. Take a look what our BMW customers had to say about TDI-Tuning here

3) The VW Golf 2.0 litre 181 BHP

The 2.0 litre Golf engine is present in several models. With the most popular being the GTI and the incredible Golf R. Both of these cars are incredibly popular with TDI-Tuning customers. Don’t believe us? Try one for yourself, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, send it back. We are so confident you will though, as it improves the driving experience like no other vehicle modification. Whether it’s the GTI or the Golf R, we have you covered. Still don’t believe us? Check out the feedback from our customers on the VW Golf here

If you want to check out the tunes for our 4th and 5th spot then take a look at the Ford Focus 2.0 litre 182 BHP (4th) on our website. Ford vehicles are very popular with TDI-Tuning customers. In fact, we have tuned well over 1000 in 2022 (407 Ranger, 322 Focus, 314 Transit Custom). The Ford Transit Custom 2.0 litre Eco-Blue 128 BHP (5th) being the most popular transit in 2022!

TDI-Tuning top cars USA 2022

1) The Volkswagen Jetta/Passat 2.0 litre 138 HP

This VW is a very popular choice for our USA customers. Some reasons for its popularity in the US include its attractive design, good fuel economy, and reputation for reliability. Additionally, the Jetta offers a good balance of performance, comfort, and practicality, which makes it appealing to many American car buyers. The TDI-Tuning Box only improves this model, that is why we have shipped over 258 VW Jetta tuning boxes to the USA in 2022. Take a look at all of our VW customer reviews here

2) The Volvo S60 2.5 litre T5 208 HP & S60 3.0 litre T6 324 HP

The Volvo S60 is a compact luxury sedan that is known for its attractive design, comfortable interior, and advanced safety features. It also offers a smooth and refined driving experience, with a range of engine options that provide good performance and fuel efficiency. Additionally, the S60 is available with a variety of luxury features and advanced technology, such as a premium audio system, a large touchscreen display, and a 360-degree camera system. Overall, the Volvo S60 is a well-rounded luxury sedan, it is easy to see how TDI-Tuning have shipped over 226 tunes to the USA for the Volvo S60 in 2022. With the variety of engine choices, some of them can feel lacklustre and underpowered, the TDI-Tuning Box is an excellent solution. See what some of our Volvo customers had to say about the TDI-Tuning Box experience here

3) The Land Rover Defender 3.0 litre P400 MHEV AWD 394 HP

The Land Rover Defender is a rugged and capable off-road vehicle that is popular around the world, including in the United States. Where TDI-Tuning have shipped 221 tuning boxes in 2022! The advanced 4WD system makes it well-suited to driving on challenging terrain, and the additional performance unlocked only improves off-road enjoyment. It is available in a range of body styles, including a three-door short wheelbase model and a five-door long wheelbase model. The Defender is also available with a variety of engine options, including diesel and gasoline engines, as well as a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Whatever engine choice you have, it’s very likely TDI-Tuning have a tune for you! Take a look at our Land Rover reviews here

Our 4th and 5th spot for the most popular TDI-Tuned engines in the USA are composed of a Tractor, and, another VW. Tuning a tractor can provide a number of benefits, including improved performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability. Tuning can improve the fuel efficiency of a tractor, which can save money on fuel costs and reduce its environmental impact. Additionally, tuning can help to prevent engine damage and other mechanical problems, by optimizing the engine's operating parameters and protecting it from excessive stress. Overall, tuning a tractor can help to make it more efficient, powerful, and reliable, which can be beneficial in a variety of farming and landscaping applications. The Massey Ferguson tractor holds the 4th spot and the iconic VW Golf comes in 5th place for our most popular tuned cars in 2022. Whatever vehicle you drive, if you are in the United States and want an effective, reliable, and, increasingly popular engine modification that can be installed in minutes, look no further! Find your TDI-Tuning Box if you live in the USA TODAY!


TDI-Tuning top cars Australia 2022

1) The Ford Ranger 2.0 litre Bi-Turbo 210 BHP & Ranger 3.2 litre 197 BHP

The Ranger is popular everywhere around the world, the tune we offer for it provides excellent performance gains without the need for expensive engine modifications. The TDI-Tuning Box is useful if you are: Towing, off-roading, motorway/freeway driving, and much more. There is a good reason why we have sold so many TDI-Tunes across the world for this car. They work very well and are the obvious choice for instant power and easy installation.

2) The Mitsubishi Triton 2.4 litre DI-D 178 BHP

This mid-sized pickup truck that has been a popular choice among our Australian customers in 2022. The ‘ute’ offers reliable and robust motoring thanks to its efficient engine and competitive pulling power. It is another vehicle in the list that can handle off-road terrain with ease. It also offers a comfortable interior with plenty of space for passengers and cargo. The Triton can handle just about anything you throw at it, with plenty of power and torque. With the TDI-Tuning Box installed, it turns into a serious powerhouse. The best part is that thanks to the engine optimisation, fuel efficiency isn’t sacrificed. Some of our customers have even said they are saving fuel using the TDI-Tuning Box on the Mitsubishi Triton.

3)The BMW X5 3.0 litre 40d 302 BHP

The X5 is popular in Australia due to the combination of luxury, performance and practicality. Engine choices are limited and that is why the TDI-Tuning Box is so popular for this vehicle. It increases engine performance by up to 40%, without killing the fuel efficiency. Long drives are normal in Australia, so reliability is key for our customers. That is something the tuning boxes we offer have – reliability and dependability. A reliable engine tune involves making sure the engine is calibrated to its optimum operating parameters. All of our tunes are programmed based on a vast array of variables including fuel quality, air temperature and many more. This means our tuning box can perform where ever it is sent across the world!

A special mention should also go to the SsangYong Musso and the Hyundai Tucson, as they occupy our 4th and 5th spots. Similar cars to the ones that have already made the top 3! With the Musso being a similar vehicle to the Triton and Ranger, and the Hyundai Tucson similar to the BMW X5. A lot of great cars with excellent baselines for tuning. If you have a vehicle that you want tuned, no matter where you are in the world, we have you covered! TDI-Tuning ship globally.


This article is dedicated to helping drivers of all kinds find the perfect tune for their needs. We aim to provide helpful advice and tips, as well as reviews and information on the latest models. If you haven’t seen your car mentioned in our top 5 lists, don’t worry, there is a very good chance we still tune it. Just use our vehicle finder or contact a member of our team for more information. Here’s to another year of tuning!