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Why should I buy a Bluetooth TDI-Tuning Box?

If you know you can tune your car with a TDI-Tuning Box, then the next logical step is to decide if you want Bluetooth. But hold on, what is Bluetooth going to offer on a chip tuning box? How is that helpful? If you would like to know more about why a Bluetooth TDI-Tuning Box is beneficial, then keep on reading...

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What is a Bluetooth enabled tuning box?

Not all TDI-Tuning Boxes have Bluetooth installed. The Bluetooth and Non-Bluetooth TDI-Tuning Boxes use different PCB (Printed circuit board) components. The Bluetooth version of our CRTD4, gives the tuning box a wireless connection to your mobile device. Using the TDI-Tuning app, your phone can connect to the tuning box. Pretty cool right? But why would you want this? What's the point?

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Who is using your vehicle?

If you have been into a new car dealership recently, the salesman would have likely asked you a qualifying question. Who is going to be using the vehicle? The reason why you will be asked this question is because it helps determine your needs. What engine do you need? What specification do you need? An 80-year-old woman will need different things to a 25-year-old man. It's the same with a TDI-Tuning Box. Once you have installed the tuning box, what will you be using that extra power for? Are you the only one driving the vehicle? If you have a BMW 4 series and it gets driven by you, and your spouse. There is every chance that you will both have different driving preferences, right down to the position of the rear-view mirror. It's the same with power, you're going to prefer different power outputs. This is exactly where our customers have said a Bluetooth TDI-Tuning Box is the way to tune your vehicle. The TDI-Tuning Bluetooth Box can be controlled from our app on your mobile device. This means you can turn it off, turn it on, and adjust the power output to decide on the right amount for you, or, your spouse. An ideal solution, and, a clear benefit over a remap. As a conventional remap cannot be turned on/off using your mobile phone. A TDI-Tuning Box gives you complete control over how much power is produced by your vehicle at any given time! So, if you share a vehicle with another person, the TDI-Tuning Bluetooth system is the way to go.

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What are you using your vehicle for?

If you are one of our many commercial customers, then you might use the same van or truck for work, and pleasure. A huge amount of our customers have a Ford Ranger double cab for exactly that. Site work during the week, and a spacious family wagon for the weekend. The best of both worlds! A Bluetooth TDI-Tuning Box is crucial if you are using your vehicle like this. A heavy, fully laden van can have upwards of 500kg of extra weight, this means the power you have as standard has to make do. With a Bluetooth enabled system, you can flick it into mode 7, and increase the power of your vehicle by up to 40%. Swap it back to mode 1, or turn the system completely off, using the easy to use Bluetooth app. Using this feature means you can give your van or truck the power it needs, when it needs it. You might even want to keep it in mode 7 for the weekend, if your planning a camping trip then the vehicle is going to feel heavy, until you put your TDI-Tuning Box into mode 7. That additional power is going to make the car drive like it should.

Are you using your vehicle to tow anything?

A huge amount of our customers want a TDI-Tuning Box for different reasons other than pure speed. Our motorhome customers want adjustable power so they can turn the power up when they are towing or carrying a lot of weight. If it's a caravan in toe behind your car, or a fully functional RV, the adjustable power is a must have feature. Once you are on the motorway you can ease into the lower modes of the tuning box to increase fuel efficiency. Once you arrive at your destination, and embark upon narrow windy country lanes. Go to mode 7, the maximum power setting. This will mean comfortable driving, even when you have something heavy being towed behind you. All of these power adjustments can be made on the go with the TDI-Tuning app. The power can be altered instantly. This means you have the choice to drive in the most efficient manner, with the most efficient map file. Or, you can utilise the max power benefit available. The choice is yours, and our Bluetooth app gives you that choice.