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Fiat’s reputation for reliable and efficient engines has led to a number of other manufacturers using their rebadged engines for their own ranges. Peugeot and Citroen have used rebadged JTD engines and many modern Vauxhalls are fitted with a rebadged JTD. This was a result of a half-decade joint venture between GM and Fiat with the JTD being fitted as a 1.3 in the Corsa and Astra up to a 2.0 for the Insignia. TDI-Tuning have been able to design class leading tuning solutions for all of these models and more. See what a British tuning box could do for your Fiat today.

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TDI Tuning App

Smartphone displaying the TDI Tuning app, shown with TDI Tuning CRTD4 tuning box

More power or more economy? With the TDI Tuning App you can decide directly from your driver’s seat. Instantly change the performance of your engine and adapt your vehicle to suit any situation.

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