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0-60 Times with TDI-Tuning. How much time can you save?

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At TDI-Tuning we do not stipulate how much you can knock off your 0-60 times as there are so many variables in play. Weather conditions, engine maintenance, mileage, driver style and many other factors all have an effect. But, just because we do not state “officially” that you will improve your 0-60 time, does not mean our customers aren’t running unofficial tests.

With more power and torque, the likelihood is that you will improve your acceleration times. We got in touch with some of our customers and asked how much time they shaved off. Was it an amount worth talking about? Read on to find out how much time you could take off your 0-60 times...


vw golf tuning box

We are kicking things off with a very popular car in the hot-hatch segment. The VW Golf GTI. A staple in hot-hatch community. This one comes with 242 BHP as standard, as it is the Performance Edition. A great starting point. What about those all important 0-60 figures?

Control Test - 7.52 Seconds to 60 MPH
TDI-Tuning Box - 6.89 Seconds to 60 MPH

This VW Golf GTI Performance Edition is now over half a second quicker to 60 MPH (-0.63). One thing to address on this occasion, is that the conditions were damp. This meant the control test time came out slower than the manufacturer stated time. This is one of the reasons we do not officially state 0-60 times! The tests were both carried out with the help of the Draggy GPS Performance Meter. They are both verified times. Take a look at the video showing each of the Draggy timed runs below!

BMW 435d

bmw chip tuning

The BMW 435d is a quick car to 60 mph without any modifications. With the TDI-Tuning Box you could take over half a second off the 0-60 time. The reason we are able to improve the acceleration on this vehicle so much is because of the huge amounts of torque we unlock. 101 NM of Torque unlocked from the BMW diesel engine. A massive increase. With the increased torque this BMW can utilise all the power it has available. Although we do not have any official times of this one, the owner came forward and said it was quicker. The owner of this one left a review on our Trustpilot page expressing his satisfaction! Take a look at it below.

Seat Cupra

seat tuning

The owner of this Seat Cupra ST wanted to take some time off the 0-60 time. Seat claim the 0-60 time to be 4.5 seconds. The challenge is very clear, get that time down to 4 seconds flat with the TDI-Tuning Box. Half a second quicker is no easy feat, especially with the only modification being our tuning box. Is it achievable? The owner of this one managed to cut the time by 0.5 seconds, making the 0-60 time 4 seconds flat! All that unlocked power and torque are being utilised to make this Seat even faster! With no other supporting modifications too! The only thing required is a TDI-Tuning Box, it's so simple! The owner of this one left a review on Google, take a look at it below.

Audi RS3

RS3 chip tuning

Another example of a massive improvement in acceleration is this Audi RS3. The owner of this one visited Santa Pod Raceway several times with various map settings to try out. After a few more trips to Santa Pod Raceway, the RS3 is over half a second faster for the 1/4 mile time. A serious improvement. His outright speed at the end of the run also improved. Improving the acceleration times of the Audi RS3 was no small feat. The engine is already highly tuned when it comes out of the factory. The owner of this one was overjoyed with the performance of the TDI-Tuning Box. A great result overall!

All of these examples of improvements are customers of ours that have tested the acceleration of their vehicles in real life situations. Some of them have tested them officially, with the Draggy. Some of them have even taken them to official racetracks like Santapod. We stated at the beginning that we do not stipulate the 0-60 improvements you might benefit from by using a TDI-Tuning Box. That’s not to say that you will not improve your 0-60 time.

Find out how much acceleration you can unlock on your car today!