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Our CRTD4 Tuning Box System Now Available With SENT Technology

Engine technology is constantly advancing and one of the newest innovations in engine component design is the use of digital sensors which use the new SENT communication protocol to communicate between engine and ECU. This technology has begun to feature in vehicles such as the newer Audi A6 Allroad (fitting images below), Porsche Macan and Mercedes-E220D and will increasingly become commonplace in everyday engine design making our new CRTD4 SENT system an important addition to our extensive range of tuning solutions.


A New Age Of Engine Sensor Communication

For many years engine sensors have been designed around an Analog style of data communication. We are most likely all familiar with wave signals in the form of radio waves and television signals, both of which having now moved to digital based signals, and previously sensor data followed the same principles.

Imagine an engine component that wanted to send data to a vehicle's ECU, such as a boost sensor, in order to report what level it was currently at it might send an electrical voltage ranging between 0 to 5v. That voltage would go up and down over time which when plotted on a graph would give a nice wave pattern showing boost performance.


SENT Engine Tuning For Maximum Performance

As digital technology has come to be the forefront, this older analog method of sensor communication has slowly but surely become outdated and digital sensor technology will become the standard due to its decrease in cost following increasing use in other industries.

In preparation for this in 2005 General Motors began to develop a standard for digital communication in engine components for the automotive industry and the results of this work was Single Edge Nibble Technology (SENT). As can be seen in the diagram above, SENT signals are a complex and highly structured method of communicating data compared to simpler waveform data, this means in order to tune SENT sensor vehicles a whole new generation of tuning box system is required to keep up with this new digital technology.


Cutting Edge Tuning Box Systems For The Newest Engines

Tuning systems have changed much over the years from simple resistor based systems to the more recent and far more advanced microprocessor controlled, variable rate, digital tuning solutions such as our CRTD2 and CRTD4 range of products. SENT technology requires that tuning systems evolve once more to be able to receive, decode, process, modify, re-encode and transmit digital SENT based data signals second by second with unfailing accuracy.

Enter on to the scene TDI-Tuning's new CRTD4 SENT Tuning Box System, a true revolution in tuning that utilises our most advanced internal digital micro-computer architecture to date. Our system effortlessly processes complex SENT data second by second to safely produce the maximum possible gains in available engine power and torque whilst redefining the performance profile of the vehicle, giving the best possible drive experience the vehicle can offer.


Redefine The Performance Of SENT Engine Vehicles

Our CRTD4 SENT System builds on the recent innovations of our CRTD4 TWIN and TRIPLE models but features an updated processor that can handle the more complex SENT data as well as being able to accept a greater number of data channel inputs allowing for QUAD, QUINT and other channel modes in the future. This makes the CRTD4 SENT system compatible with 99.99% of modern turbo diesel and petrol vehicles and produces the same outstanding results that TDI-Tuning are known for, this being safe power and torque increases of up to 40% as up to 20% greater fuel economy in Diesel vehicles.

The vehicle pictured, a 2015 Audi A6 Allroad 268 BHP variant, was one of the vehicles to have fitted our CRTD4 SENT system and following installation responded fantastically to tuning. Here's what we achieved:-

  • Power was increased from the standard 268 BHP up to 332 BHP.
  • Torque was increased from the standard 580 NM up to 673 NM.
  • Turbo delivery was remapped to reduce lag and improve early RPM power delivery
  • Performance was redefined to eliminate acceleration dead spots and improve overall responsiveness



If you have a SENT technology based vehicle and the 6000+ vehicle variants we cater for then then get in touch with one of our customer advisors today. They will be happy to advise you on matters such as installation and pricing whilst ensuring you get the best product for your vehicle and engine.