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April Car of the Month - BMW 420d M-Sport

BMW 4 series chip tuning

BMW 420d M-Sport With A CRTD4 Twin Channel Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 Twin Channel Tuning Box:
Power was increased from 187 to 247 BHP
Torque was increased from 400 to 488 NM 

The BMW 420d is one of the best all-rounder cars you can buy! A decent burst of torque is available, combined with great economy and comfort. In fact the well styled 4 Series range has something for everyone from the BMW 418d to the BMW M4 and TDI-Tuning tune them all! Read on to find out why this customer wanted a TDI Chip Tuning Box on his BMW 420d.

BMW chip tuning

The BMW 4 Series: What Engine Should I Choose?

If you have more than a passing interest for cars, then it's likely that you know and respect the 4 Series range. The engine line-up, the weight distribution, rear wheel drive or the excellent X-Drive system. It does have everything going for it as a platform. There is a reason it's one of BMW's best-selling vehicles. Engine choice is the reason that this customer brought in his BMW 420d for chip tuning. The 420d BMW 4 Series is one of the most popular models of 4 series sold. It provides a mixture of performance and fuel economy. When we say "performance" we aren't comparing it to the flagship BMW M4, but it does have a fair bit of 'go' from the 2.0 diesel. Below are the standard power outputs for the BMW 420d, 425d and 430d.

BMW 420d
187 BHP Standard With 400 NM Torque.

BMW 425d
215 BHP Standard With 488 NM Torque.

BMW 430d (3.0 Engine)
254 BHP Standard With 560 NM Torque.

The owner of the BMW 420d pictured wanted to close the gap between the 420d and the 430d engines. The easiest way to accomplish this? A TDI-Tuning Box. The tuned figures for the BMW 420d are 247 BHP with 488 NM Torque! This surpasses the 425d for out right power, and it closes the gap to the 430d. With a 3.0 diesel engine the 430d is able to produce more torque and more power due to increased displacement and different internal components. But, a TDI-Tuned BMW 420d is going to give it a run for it's money! It's not far off!

BMW chip tuning bluetooth app

Simple modification, Staggering results

The tune for the BMW 420d brings out the best the engine can offer. If you have ever driven anything with this 2.0 diesel engine, you will know it's torque'y. But, it doesn't offer great top end power. In fact, past 80/90mph it may as well be a 1.0 petrol! Not that anybody is going faster than 70 mph anyway...The TDI-Tuning Box started out with just diesel tuning. Hence the name. We have since branched out into Petrol and Hybrid vehicles. But the base of the business was built around diesel tuning. BMW Tuning has come a long way since the introduction, with thousands of hours of technical research and development! The tuning system on this BMW 420d gives it more power at the top end, and more torque low down in the revs. The best of both worlds. The difference is staggering, you have to drive it to believe it. The un-locked torque throws you into the back of the seat, where it didn't before! The additional top end power means the engine can keep on giving higher into the revs. It does transform the engine and the vehicle. Our reviews on the BMW range back it up too! 

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