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April Car of the Month - BMW M4


BMW M4 Competition Pack with CRTD4 Multi Channel Tuning System.

With our CRTD4 MultiChannel Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 444 to 511 Bhp
Torque was increased from 550 to 616 Nm

Our favourite car this month was the stunning M4 Competition Pack came to visit us at our TDI-Tuning HQ here in Chelmsford. We have a lot of great cars but this mean M4 had a presence that is hard to ignore! Just have a listen!



Another reason for choosing the M4 is they respond incredibly well to the CRTD4 tuning system. The CRTD4 tuning system increases horsepower and torque whilst increasing the smoothness of power delivery by eliminating gearing flat spots.




Installation is simple and can be performed at home, however if you live near to one of our fitting centres in Chelmsford or Manchester our expert technicians will fit it for free.

Also, the system can be easily removed which will return the Beemer back to its original condition. This means you can have a unique, tuned M4 without the stress of making permanent modifications and voiding that warranty.




The M4 is a honed performance machine as stock but as with most vehicles there is always more to be had. In this case the CRTD4 has found an extra 67 BHP and 66 NM extra torque.

The result has to be driven to be believed!


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