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April Car of the Month - Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford ranger tdi tuning

Ford Ranger Raptor 288 BHP With A CRTD4 SENT Multi Channel Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 SENT Multi Channel Tuning Box:
Power increased from 288 to 351 BHP
Torque increased from 491 to 555 NM 

The 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor is a powerful vehicle that is used for various purposes such as personal use, towing, and use as a commercial vehicle. Because the truck is useful in so many ways, a simple engine re-map wouldn't do it justice. It needs something more precise, something that can be customised, and even turned off completely. In this article, we will discuss how the Ford Ranger can be tuned using a TDI-Tuning Box, and how it can benefit the different uses of this versatile vehicle.

ranger tuning

How do you use your Ford Ranger?

It's so much car, all in one package. Let's be honest for a second though, most people are going to be using the Ford Ranger for...Driving on comfortable roads to go to the shops and to go out with their families. It's an ideal car for personal use. Offering both comfort and practicality. The tuning box allows for increased power and torque, making it even more enjoyable to drive. With 7 different modes to choose from, you can adjust the performance to your liking. Whether it's for long-distance driving, or off-road adventures. The adjustable tuning box can also be completely turned off, whatever you need, the tuning box can provide!

ford tuning

Do you actually use your Ford Ranger for Ford Ranger'y things?

The Ford Ranger's towing capabilities are already impressive, but adding a tuning box can increase the power and torque even further. This means that your vehicle can easily tow heavy loads without sacrificing speed or performance. Many of our customers purchase a TDI-Tuning Box for towing reasons. Our camper-van customers agree too. Added weight doesn't mean you have to miss out on vehicle performance. Why not have both?

ford ranger tuning box

I don't want more power, all the time: Turn it off!

If you opt for a conventional engine remap, you can't turn that power down, or off. With a TDI-Tuning Box, you can. If you share your Ford Ranger with someone else, a business partner, a spouse, or a son/daughter, then you might not want all the power, all the time. You might not even want to have the power if you are creeping round a building site for your work. Don't worry, just turn the tuning box off with the app (Bluetooth models only). The TDI-Tuning Box is suitable for all environments, no matter what!

ford ranger alloy wheel

The 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor Ecoboost 3.0 is a versatile vehicle that can be used for personal, towing, and working purposes. Adding a tuning box can enhance the vehicle's performance, making it even more suitable for these different uses. The adjustable tuning box allows the driver to easily switch between different modes, and it is traceless once removed. Being traceless is especially good for this 2023 Ford Ranger.

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