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April Car of the Month - Mercedes C63 S

Mercedes C63 AMG S V8 Twin Turbo with CRTD4 Quad Channel Petrol Tuning System.

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 503 BHP to 563 BHP 
Torque was increased from 700 NM to 770 NM

This month we take a closer look at the Mercedes AMG C63 S as our Car Of The Month. We love this car here at TDI-Tuning. But is there a major issue with this new AMG Merc? Read on to find out more!

Well over 80% of customers now finance vehicles in one way or another. Personal loans or PCP agreements, everything is on finance! This means that traceable modifications are off limits if you have to give your vehicle back at the end of the term. A lot of our customers change their cars between 1 and 3 years of ownership. We offer reprogramming for that very reason - giving our customers the freedom to change their cars, and take the performance gains with them. One of our customers this month required a new system for his new car, a Mercedes AMG C63 S. What car did he have before then? Was it an RS5? A BMW M4? Guess again! The owner of this stunning AMG Mercedes used to have a Ssanyong Rexton! Read on to find out why this customer made the change from a high of the floor 4x4, to a AMG coupe with a phenomenal V8 roar! We also delve into why we think this Mercedes might have a major flaw in the engine department!

The Mercedes AMG C63 S is a fantastic car with a great potential both on the road and the track. There is a slight elephant in the room though, the new engine. The old 6.2 litre engine of yesteryear is a thing of the past now! The new kid on the block is a 4.0 twin turbo V8. The vast majority of people are going to be very pleased with this new engine, it's more powerful for starters. It also makes the same incredible noise that an AMG should. Also, not that anyone cares, economy will also improve thanks to the turbos and the smaller engine. The new 9 speed automatic gearbox is excellent and gear changes are quicker than a blink of an eye! If you are a bit of a geek when it comes with automotive tech then this AMG is right up your street! Dynamic engine mounts mean increased stability and ride comfort. A limited slip diff means none of the standard 500 BHP goes to waste. Think the ride is a bit stiff? Change the suspension setup to cruise around in comfort mode. Customisation is key in cars these days, people want to be able to adjust just about everything with the click of a button. This rings true in this model, giving you the ability to soften the suspension, or make the exhausts slightly quieter. But do AMG customers really want this? Do they want to make the exhaust quieter? Who knows! What we do know is that it still sounds incredible and it also performs like an AMG Merc. So that’s all that matters really. At 503 BHP it doesn’t hang about, and the added tech in this new model harnesses all the power and delivers it to the wheels with extraordinary results!

One turbo would never be enough by AMG Merc standards. What only ONE turbo? That's not very AMG-like is it? This new Mercedes has two turbochargers, but not mounted in the conventional way. It is being called the 'Hot inside V'. Mounted inside of the V, so that they can suck in more fresh air, faster. It also means the engine can sit lower, giving it a lower centre of gravity. Great stuff! The tune we provide for this technical masterpiece is developed at TDI-Tuning HQ by qualified technicians. This new Mercedes utilises two turbochargers to deliver monstrous levels of power. So it calls for two TDI-Tuning systems to handle both the turbochargers. The systems work harmoniously to achieve a seamless power increase. The TDI-Tuning techs achieve the best performance results while remaining safe and reliable. This means an additional 563 BHP is unleashed and 770 NM of torque. The Mercedes is able to handle the additional power using all the helpful driver aids, meaning it isn’t unsafe for scary to drive! The driver and owner of this weapon can now enjoy its full power potential.

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