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BMW 435d Vs BMW M4 | Closing the Gap

BMW 435d Vs BMW M4 - How does a Chip Tuning system close the performance gap?

BMW 435d with our CRTD4 Twin Channel Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 309 to 377 BHP
Torque was increased from 630 NM to 730 NM

Buying a new car can be painstakingly difficult as there are multiple factors to consider. Unsure to go Petrol or Diesel? Toying between a sensible option and a not-so-sensible option?

The BMW 435d and the BMW M4 are the perfect examples of this potential compromise. You want the M4, but the 435d appeals to your head and your wallet. It is a similar story across the entire BMW range. 335d or M3? What is the right choice? Is there a right choice?

- BMW M4 is a more expensive car
- BMW M4 costs considerably more to run
- BMW M4 and 435d are equally proportioned inside
- BMW M4 is faster and performs better in a track environment.

The M4 is going to be more fun, partly due to the lighter aluminum body, and the 3.0 twin turbo Petrol powerhouse. But a lighter car means a lighter wallet in this case. The 435d can be had for around 10k less It’s at this point that a TDI-Tuning system closes the gap on power, meaning you don't need to make as much of a sacrifice. A “Head vs Heart” dilemma doesn’t have to be that way. The TDI-Tuning system increases the torque for the 35d engine massively though, 731 NM is produced with the tuning system installed, and that’s a lot. It’s not just the top figure that makes a difference though. The TDI-Tuning map brings that power in lower down the revs, transforming the vehicle’s acceleration. So if the diesel is going to cost less to run, and to buy, and it performs more comparably to the M4 when using it for day to day use, is it not a logical choice to go for that one? The Diesel is never going to sound as good, and without a few modifications, it doesn’t have the same stance. It will also never rev as freely and it won't be as fun on the track. But now you are saving money every day and with a TDI-Tuning system, you are no longer sacrificing straight power.

The X-drive system is also a practical addition and makes it much safer than the M4, if you find yourself driving home in the dark and there is a slight bit of drizzle, you don’t have to fear for your life if you accidentally blip the throttle. The 435d doesn’t feel like a compromise once the TDI-Tuning system unleashes the extra potential, it has to be driven to be believed.