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BMW X5M Competition - It was fast before... now it's INSANE

BMW X5M Competition - It was fast before... now it's INSANE.

The BMW X5 M Comp is an exceptional SUV that combines power, agility and luxury. It's high-performance M Twin Power Turbo V8 engine is a serious powerhouse. A powerhouse in the form of the BMW S63 Engine - the same one that's in the BMW M5! So, it doesn't lack in power and performance. But, for those seeking a little bit more, a bit more power, a bit more customisation, we have the answer. The TDI-Tuning Box can take this car, and this engine, to new heights.

BMW X5M Comp

Unlock the potential: The BMW X5 M Competition

The BMW X5M is no slouch to begin with, the question sometimes arises, does it even need more power? Well, in short, yes. This car is not short of mechanical excellence. The V8 engine, the 8-speed intelligent transmission, the active M Differential. These factors help deliver exceptional power, precise control and an exhilarating driving experience. An experience that can be improved even further with the help of a simple, yet brilliant engine modification.

BMW X5M Tuning Box

Customisation: Make your car special

When you start to spend large amounts of money on a car, you want it do offer you more in some way. More power, more practicality, more... everything. One thing you definitely want more of is customisation. Especially if you buy a performance car or SUV. It's unlikely you are going to be driving exclusively at a racetrack. That's why manufacturers offer drive modes. For a BMW X5 M Comp, they will be Sport, Comfort, Adaptive and Eco Pro. These drive modes give you a choice. They adjust the characteristics of the car to suit your individual driving needs and requirements. It’s unlikely you will want the suspension to be on the stiffest setting with the full 617 HP at your right foot all the time. Manufacturers give you the ability to customise your car how you like it, here at TDI-Tuning, we are giving you the opportunity to customise it even more. Interested?

A tuning box is the best way to customise your vehicles performance and power output. Imagine having drive modes AND having the ability to adjust how much EXTRA power you want. A TDI-Tuning Box comes with 7 drive modes (settings) for you to choose from, 1 being the least amount of power, and 7 being the most! Unsure on what mode you like the most? You can easily change them using our mobile app within seconds.

BMW X5M Bonnet

The Perfect Synergy: BMW X5 M Comp & TDI-Tuning Box

Our tuning box is meticulously engineered to work seamlessly with the BMW X5 M Competition. The development of a specific tune is all carried out by our in-house technical team. They determine the engine parameter adjustments required to unlock the extra power. In the case of the BMW X5M Comp, several sensors readings undergo refinement. By precisely adjusting fuel injection, turbocharger parameters and other elements the tuning box enhances the driving experience. What are you looking for from your car?

  1. An adrenaline-fuelled performance on the open road
  2. Refined and comfortable driving experience
  3. More efficiency from your standard engine

With the TDI-Tuning Box installed you can effortlessly choose the mode that suits your circumstances. Find the driving mode, and tuning box setting that suits your needs today on our website. Ready to join the fun?

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